Buying a Franchise

Understanding a Franchise’s Mission

Your personal goal in exploring franchise opportunities might be to become your own boss, to work in a field you love, or to earn enough to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

What is the goal of the franchise you’re considering? Some franchises share their mission statement publicly — but that might not mean that you know what their goal is.

The mission of Menchie’s, for example, is “We make you smile.”  Menchie’s is a frozen yogurt franchise, and it’s probably fair to say that no frozen yogurt franchise would be opposed to making customers smile.

Menchie’s takes it further, though.

Menchie’s wants to offer something for everyone at stores that are designed to welcome guests and to encourage them to have fun and be happy. They’re very family friendly spaces with bright, happy colors and interactive areas for kids. Staff members are trained to provide great customer service and to welcome each person into the store — but also to be “smiley.” Some frozen yogurt places might be okay with a reserved, professional demeanor among their staff, but it’s not the Menchie’s way.

Everything from the music to the menu is designed to make people smile. For Menchie’s it’s a philosophy: “making the world a better place through smiles.” Franchisees are Menchie’s ambassadors, spreading smiles as they benefit from a profitable business.

Body Brite is another franchise with a whimsical mission statement: “Let your beauty shine.” Body Brite brings beauty-related services such as laser hair removal to people who might have felt that such services were out of their reach. Their goal is to bring out the inner beauty of their customers and to allow everyone to have the experience that medical spas have typically offered at much higher price points.

Their attitude toward their franchisees shows the same underlying concept. They offer a franchise that can bring success to anyone who is willing to invest the time and money. People with no industry experience are encouraged to try this franchise.

Smiles and beauty are not the most common business goals. Other franchises have mission statements that have more obvious application: Kids Nite Out Across America wants to provide safe and exciting programs, for example, and Schakolad’s mission is to create superb chocolates. That’s a straightforward approach to a mission statement, suited to the franchisee who wants to be excellent at the work of the franchise.

But SOHO Hero supports small and home-based businesses in their quest for success, Pridestaff exceeds expectations, and Dry Cleaning Station’s mission is to dominate each market. These may resonate with you, or they may have you shaking your head and wondering what exactly they meant by that.

Either way, it could be a useful insight into whether you’ll fit into the franchise in question or not.

Don’t be turned away by a mission statement. Do examine it and think about whether that’s a mission you can get  behind. At the end of a long day striving to succeed in your business, the underlying mission can be your source of satisfaction.

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