Veteran's Franchising

Franchises for Veterans

VetFran, the International Franchise Association’s Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, means a lot of new doors are open for veterans returning after years of service to our country. The franchise community couldn’t be happier to welcome our nation’s heroes and help them achieve dreams of owning their own businesses.

Veterans make superb franchise owners because they have the perfect combination of taking initiative and following systems and rules. In fact, there is a high percentage of veterans among franchise owners and veterans on average earn more with their franchises than the general population.

You’ll receive assistance as a veteran and there are special incentives, but you still need to approach franchise opportunities as you would any business opportunity. More than 250 of our franchise opportunities offer discounts to veterans, so you still have lots of options to choose from.

Use our Franchise Bulls Eye tool to help narrow down your search.

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Be sure to check back for our latest updates and use all the tools and resources we have available, including databases of franchises, tips on how to pick a franchise, and more.

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