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hairIn The World is Flat,  economist Thomas Friedman discusses what kinds of work will be safe from the ravages of offshoring. Hair salons are on his list. Hair doesn’t stop growing, haircuts can’t be done online, and most of us can’t cut our hair at home and still look professional on the job.

Even when people cut back on pricey salon services, they don’t stop visiting the salon. When they feel more able to splurge, they won’t have gotten out of the habit of visiting the salon. They won’t have turned to automated services or replaced their haircuts with some other solution. They will, therefore, be ready to add services back in.


Hair salon franchises are a great recession-proof turnkey business allowing franchise owners to rely on the expertise of experienced staff to provide customers with a great service.

  • Fantastic Sam’s Hair Salons

Guests at Fantastic Sam’s franchises can get a full salon experience with the reliability of highly trained stylists and managers to make their experience  as smoothly and enjoyably as possible. Franchise owners also can sell salon quality hair products to customers for additional revenue.

As the largest brand in the hair franchise industry, with over 2,600 locations, Great Clips focuses on multi-unit ownership for executives. It’s a turnkey style franchise that helps franchisees hire managers to run the business day-to-day. Within only five years, most franchisees own 5 or more locations. Successful franchisees are leaders who know how to manage managers and operations to keep things running smoothly.

Like other hair franchises, owners of Sport Clips franchises hire managers to run day-to-day operations but this franchise offers something unique—sports. Men and boys are addicted to watching their favorite sports, listening to analysis of games and players, and making predictions on what will happen in tomorrow’s matchup. So why not give the guys something to cheer about while they’re getting a haircut. Indulging in a favorite pastime will make men feel spoiled and pampered.

Taking a child to an adult’s salon can be very intimidating for them, especially when so many children find it scary to have their hair cut for the first time. Sharkey’s makes the experience fun and memorable, so much so that it’s been voted the best children’s hair salon five years in a row by Nickelodeon Magazine. Combine that with special revenue streams from girl’s Glamor parties and it’s a winning combination for an underserved niche in the hair salon business.

Part of Regis, a hair industry giant, SuperCuts brings franchisees the benefits of extensive experience. Regis owns multiple hair salon chains, including high-end chains in both the United States and Europe. With so much experience, SuperCuts franchisees have some of the most knowledgeable salon managers in the industry to guide them towards successful franchise ownership.

Finding the right salon franchise comes down to looking at the options and figuring out which one best serves your market, competes with other area salons, and provides the best support and training for you and your team.

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