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Just One Franchise: Shelf Genie

shelvesPinterest, the fastest growing social media platform, is fueling the nation’s growing interest in home design, including special shelving to increase storage space and organization. But while DIY is trendy, it can often go wrong. Slide-out shelving is one of the items that can easily go drastically wrong and cause lots of damage to homeowner’s cabinets.

Do-it-yourself slide-out shelving has some problems few homeowners are aware of, most notably that many DIY options aren’t made to support heavy loads as custom built options are. Instead, they’re made with flimsy materials to keep costs down. And since no two home’s cabinets are the same, it’s very difficult to fit sliding shelves into all the places a homeowner might like them. When they fail, they leave broken dishes and torn out cabinets in their wake.

ShelfGenie is a franchise that provides custom cabinet sliding shelves for an affordable price with the ease of professional installation and high quality materials. Homeowners only have to call to make an appointment and then have measurements taken. Professional installers use high quality materials to make shelves that can hold up to 100 lbs when fully extended — and they’re installed in just a few hours.

While luxury customers are one source of income for ShelfGenie franchises, the most popular type of customer are those who need to have sliding shelves installed out of necessity. As the general population ages, bending down to get heavy pans out of the back of a cabinet is getting more difficult for more consumers. Those with back, knee, or joint injuries can’t function well in spaces in their home where it’s necessary for them to bend over to retrieve items for daily use. It can often mean that elderly people with functionality issues can no longer live at home and must move into assisted living. ShelfGenie provides a quality product that helps them stay at home longer and maintain their independence, as well as adding value to their home.

ShelfGenie makes it easy for franchisees, too, with a system that makes the service provision smooth so franchisees can focus on money making activities, like marketing and building relationships with community leaders to gain more customers. ShelfGenie provides a call center and appointment setting service as well as completing customer service calls to make sure that customers are satisfied with the franchise’s work. Franchisees manage designers and installers and act as the CEO of your company. They also focus on capturing new client bases.

Successful Shelf Genie franchisees are skilled at networking and marketing and have experience with sales. Strong salespeople do well in ShelfGenie franchises. Franchisees are discouraged from being designers or installers themselves but are rather encouraged to make relationships with realtors, physical therapists, doctors, and remodelers who can help bring clients to their business. If you network well and are strong at building relationships, consider a ShelfGenie franchise.

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