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Just One Franchise: HomeVestors


It’s a dream business for many Americans: buying a house on the cheap, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit. TV shows like Flip This House suggest that anyone with a bit of gumption can make a fortune this way.

It’s not necessarily true.

House flipping can be a dangerous business if you go it alone. Investing all your personal wealth in a short sale on an as-is property can be a risky endeavor. If you judge the value of the home incorrectly or underestimate how much capital it will require to turn an ugly home into a beautiful one, you can end up losing money. Knowledge of the industry often comes at a price of getting it wrong a few times and learning from mistakes—but that can mean serious trouble when your money is tied up in a bad house.

HomeVestors, the Ugly House People, know from experience just how much a home is worth and how much money it will take to restore it to good condition. The basis of the HomeVestors franchise is that this knowledge is what makes a successful real estate business. They developed a software program that contains information about specific markets and estimates costs better than the average house flipper can. They also provide lots of training, turning a regular person who wants to make money into a seasoned real estate investor.

Business in real estate isn’t just about foreclosures and bankruptcies where homes are often undervalued. It’s also about providing convenient options for people who are motivated to sell. There are more reasons than financial troubles to sell a home, ranging from getting a new job in another part of the country to inherited real estate in a distant town. When an individual gains property they just don’t want or has to be more flexible than real estate holdings allow, that’s when HomeVestors franchisees can help customers best.

The benefit of a nationally recognized name in real estate is that sellers will come to you. Instead of having to attend foreclosure auctions like many house flippers, franchisees have home sellers come to them because of effective national advertising and marketing. You probably know HomeVestors as “We Buy Ugly Houses” because of their bright yellow caveman-decked advertisements and signs across the country. When someone who has a home that’s difficult to sell or needs to sell quickly looks at the options, they’re bound to think of those eye catching signs and call, either before looking at other routes of selling or after other traditional ways have failed.

Franchisees can also borrow capital from the HomeVestor franchise system to pay cash for homes and their rehabilitation. Instead of having to damage your own liquidity or miss out on opportunities because your capital is tied up elsewhere, loans allow you to jump on good deals without excessive risk. The combination of greater knowledge and borrowing options makes a generally risky business much safer.

A HomeVestors franchise can be a full time or a part time business, and the required investment is moderate. Request more information about this franchise business opportunity.

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