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Home-Based Franchises and Your Home

Mailman delivering a parcelHome-based franchises have some real advantages. If you go with a home-based franchise opportunity, you don’t have to rent an office, commute, or deal with all the myriad issues that go with a business location. You’ll have tax deductions for business use of your home and you’ll save money on little things from lunches to shoe leather — and possibly on big things like childcare or home health care for a family member. What’s more, many people enjoy working from home, finding it relaxing and comfortable.

One thing people don’t always think about when they consider a home-based franchise is the question of space. Will your franchise require you to store stock or supplies at home? Will you need to have workers in and out? We’ve spoken with franchisees who haven’t seen their dining room table since they went into business and others whose marriages have suffered from the steady stream of employees in the house. Too much stock can wreak havoc in your home but not having enough on hand can cause missed sales opportunities, and employees may not only require space, but also coffee and lunch.

One franchise that lets franchisees bypass the problems is Happy & Healthy Products’ Fruitfull frozen fruit bars.

Most Fruitfull franchisees don’t use their home in their business at all. Instead, franchisees are sent pallets of Fruitfull bars at cold storage locations and then place them into their client’s locations in their area. There are a number of different options for franchise types with Fruitfull but the premise is the same—Frutifull corporate offices at Happy & Healthy, Inc. secure contracts for Fruitfull bars in different locations and franchisees deliver the product.

It’s the perfect option for individuals looking for some extra income on nights and weekends while they work a full-time job or are at home caring for children. Franchisees also don’t have to worry about hundreds of frozen fruit bars taking up freezer space at home or stock getting in the way of family life. Instead, all the frozen fruit bars stay in the cold storage facility.

There are different levels of investment with Fruitfull and all correspond to the number of custom freezers and contracts—the more freezers and guaranteed contracts, the more expensive the franchisee’s initial investment. However, the lowest level investors can purchase a mobile Fruitfull cart, in the fun shape of a watermelon, and sell the product at fairs, events, and festivals throughout the year. This option also includes one custom freezer at a location. The lowest level doesn’t come with a guaranteed contract like higher levels of investment, however.

The difference between Fruitfull and other franchises is that they secure the first contracts for freezers, up to the number guaranteed by the franchise agreement. During the initial stage of the franchise, a salesperson comes out to the franchisee’s area and doesn’t leave until all contracts are signed and ready for the franchisee to deliver. Instead of having to find locations and working to sell your product to clients, you can let Fruitfill takes care of it all. All franchisees need to do is get the product into the freezers from the cold storage facility.

America’s Best Franchises has plenty of home-based business opportunities to choose from. When you research your options, don’t just imagine yourself conducting power meetings on the phone in your jammies — find out how much each option will affect your home life, and make sure you have the resources you need.

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