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Just One Franchise: Yummy Cupcakes

Think about decorating a cupcake with caramelized bacon or making frosting using the trendiest dessert wine — does that sound like a fun way to spend a work day? Yummy Cupcakes agrees and wants you to sign up to become a franchisee. A highly successful bakery in L.A. where starlets have been flocking to unwrap some of the best creative cupcakes the world has ever seen, Yummy Cupcakes is on a mission to expand and bring their cupcakes to the nation. With a start as a local cupcake-only retail store, Yummy Cupcakes has grown into an internationally-recognized brand in baked goods.

The founder and executive chef, Tiffani Soforenko, worked as the Director of Operations in L.A. and Japan for Universal Studios for 18 years before leaving to pursue her passion—making cupcakes and running a successful business. When the first Yummy Cupcakes opened their doors in 2004 after Soforenko left her position at Universal Studios, the cupcakes went off with a bang and attracted celebrities from all over the world. This was one of the first cupcake-only bakeries and the concept was a hit. It’s now spread across the country — and the world. There are successful Yummy Cupcake franchises as far afield as Qatar and Istanbul.

Is it too late to get in on the action? Not by a long shot. The benefit of working with the original cupcake bakery is the depth and breadth of their menu and a system with which you can hit the ground running. With over 400 proprietary gourmet recipes for cupcakes with 94 vegan and 23 sugar free options, there’s plenty of cupcakes to suit every taste, which is the wide appeal of Yummy Cupcakes. Most bakeries don’t have the time to experiment with recipes or the finances to test new ideas. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a few sure-fire cakes. Consumers who are easily bored move onto the next trend instead of coming back to try exciting new flavors.

Yummy Cupcakes hasn’t stopped innovating. They’ve created the cupcake in a jar, cupcake biscotti, cupcake pops, and many other cupcake-based treats that keep customers coming back to see what’s next. Since the cupcakes are baked on the premises with authentic ingredients, they can compete with mix-based cupcakes.

Yummy Cupcakes develops a partnership relationship between the franchisor and franchisee that depends on mutual experience, drive, and energy. Instead of going through corporate training sessions, franchisees get right to baking and learn the tricks of the trade from a successful cupcake entrepreneur.

There’s quite a bit of valuable buzz surrounding the brand, including countless national television program appearances on various networks and appearances in national print magazines like Vogue and O. The celebrity connections have resulted in Yummy Cupcakes’ being served at events like The Academy Awards, providing sparkle for the brand that can’t be bought. Franchisees can benefit from all of this publicity — and know that consumers trust press more than ads.

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