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How to DIY Social Media Marketing for Your Franchise

Social media marketing is one of the hottest ways to promote your business. Although you’re keen on using this channel, who’s going to run your social media accounts for your franchise? Could you do-it-yourself (DIY) through social media marketing? Turns out, you can.

Here are a few tips to help you create a strong social media presence without paying someone else to do it for you.

How to DIY Social Media Marketing for Your Franchise

Choose Your Networks

Before you can do anything on social media, you need to decide which platforms you want to use. With so many to choose from – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. – it’s important that you narrow your platforms to a maximum of two to start. Trying to do more in the beginning could overwhelm you, causing you to burn out on social media marketing.

With the networks where you plan to post in mind, create your profile and get ready to start posting.

Take an Online Course (or Two)

New to the social media marketing world? You’re not alone. Even if you use the social media platform in your personal life, knowing how to post as a franchisee is difficult.

There are plenty of online courses available to get you started. To find one or two that’s well fitted to your skill level, visit Here, you’ll find a wealth of online classes you can take at your convenience so you’re sure to begin your marketing in the best way possible.

Read or Create a Plan

Another place to look for social media marketing guidance is corporate. The corporate offices for your franchise likely have imagery you can (and must) use on your social media platforms. Read the plan they have in place so you are sure not to veer too far off from the franchise’s rules.

If your franchise does not have set rules in place for social media, it’s a good idea to create your own. Come up with a plan of what and when you’ll post so you are consistent with what you post.

Build Your Following

Once you’ve set up your pages and created your plan, you’re ready to build a following.

Start by inviting your friends in your area to like your page. Then, incentivize them to invite their friends and others in their network by hosting a contest or a giveaway. The more reasons you can give for people to share your page, the faster you’ll grow.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts in Advance

Social media marketing doesn’t have to consume your time. Pencil in an hour or two each week to schedule your social media posts. Then, let your social media channels run on autopilot while you manage the rest of your business.

Using tools, such as HootSuite or Buffer can help you schedule your posts in advance and monitor any engagement you have from local fans.

Ready to DIY Your Social Media Marketing?

You don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars a month to run your social media accounts. By following these rules you can create a strong social media presence for your specific franchise and use it to bring in more customers to your business.

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