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Is a Drug-Testing Franchise for You?

Market factors affect the value of business opportunities, and franchise business opportunities are no exception. If you’re seeking a franchise business with a strong demand in the foreseeable future, there’s a promising option you might not have considered: drug testing franchises.

You probably want the medical technician who does your X-rays, the driver of the bus you’re riding, and your kid’s teacher to be on top of their game. You don’t want their judgement affected by drugs.

If you think about it, you’d probably also see the wisdom of drug testing for workers who use heavy machinery in factories, air traffic controllers, and people with access to sensitive information. In fact, a Gallup poll found that 95% of Americans favor drug testing for jobs where safety is an issue.

DOT and OSHA agree. They set drug testing regulations for the safety of workers and the general public. Many employers also use drug and alcohol testing as part of their pre-employment screening processes in order to avoid issues with absenteeism or on the job injuries, even when the job in question isn’t intrinsically dangerous or sensitive.

There’s more to the market than just businesses, too. Child custody battles, parents wanting to keep an eye on troubled children, and social services recipients all need services from drug and alcohol testing companies. Some states want to test those who receive unemployment benefits. There may be more opportunities in the future, too.

Both USA Mobile Drug Testing and Conspire! have mobile capabilities for testing on site, which can greatly reduce the overhead costs for testing and allow the franchisee to be the lowest bidder on government contracts for testing. It also makes doing testing for restaurants and other employers very easy. The convenience of instant results also allows businesses to get on with doing business instead of having to deal with drawn out issues.

However, not all businesses find mobile-only solutions convenient for pre-employment testing or for testing in other situations where there isn’t a large group of people who need testing at the same time. A physical location like Conspire! provides allows for a wider reach for franchisees to access customers and for reliable solutions for businesses and individuals. Being able to have both options can help you generate a relationship with businesses to do both sides of their testing, both for currently employed workers and pre-employment screenings.

No matter which option you decide on, both franchises have ample opportunities for a reliable income that won’t decrease in tough economic times. As more and more drug and alcohol regulations are put in place to protect workers and the public, the needs for testing will only increase. Growth opportunities look good for testing agencies — and franchisees.

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