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Battle of the Burger Joints

burger frnachisesIf you’re a serious burger lover, a McDonald’s franchise may not be enough to satisfy your cravings for a great burger. Premium burger restaurants are their own niche in the quick service restaurant sector of franchising and can be a tasty franchise business investment option for the upscale burger fan.

McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants can be perfect for families with children and on-the-go eats, but they don’t always suit adult tastes or health conscious consumers who are looking for a classic American meal.

Baby’s Badass Burgers, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, and HQ Gastropubs are three franchisors that serve the niche for premium eats with better than average burgers. The approach for each business is unique, however, so it’s worth looking further into each. When you’re comparing franchises with similar base product offerings, it’s important to understand the characteristics that make each franchise different.

  • Baby’s Badass Burger

Started in California, Baby’s has a different approach for a burger joint. Instead of a costly restaurant location, franchisees use food trucks to travel through their territories, meeting customers where they are when they want a burger. Baby’s brand is based on the 1950s pinup model look, focusing on their good looking burger girls who sling burgers with spectacular customer service. While just about anyone can make a burger, Baby’s offers a premium burger at a premium price. Their burgers are delicious and have been featured on many different television shows because of Baby’s unique approach. Baby’s has a winning marketing campaign, taking full advantage of the Hollywood culture of their brand with celebrity sightings and event catering with their trucks. 

  • Teddy’s Bigger Burger

On the other end of the midcentury Americana spectrum is Teddy’s Bigger Burger. A family friendly burger joint from Hawaii, Teddy’s ignites nostalgia for the burger joint of old, complete with red-checked diner style. They also insist on special premium techniques, high quality meats, and a strict ideals of what each Teddy’s should look and feel like. Their motto, “One Burger, One Customer, One Experience. It’s That Simple” is the force behind their franchisees. Teddy’s provides customer service that harkens back to the golden age of burger joints while providing a complete roadmap for franchisees.

  • HQ Gastropubs

With an adult rather than a family vibe, HQ Gastropubs appeal to a different audience than most other burger joints. HQ focuses on high quality beers and wines paired with delicious high end burgers and sides. A beer float made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream is a feature of their menu and gives a clear idea of what they’re about—a franchise to serve the foodie set. Emphasizing young and energetic customers, HQ offers live VJs on certain nights of the week. HQ distinguishes itself from the sports bar style by helping women customers who might normally not want to go to a “man cave” style restaurant feel welcome.

Food fads come and go, but the classic burger isn’t going anywhere. Burger franchise options are more varied than you might have realized, and there’s probably one that’s just right for you.

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