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Just One Franchise: Sunny Street Cafe

Sunny Street CafeSome say one of the most difficult aspects of running a restaurant is staffing. Others say it’s getting attention in a crowded market and differentiating your restaurant. Today’s focus franchise opportunity has both these problems licked. Sunny Street Café is a franchise for the seasoned business owner who is looking to easily branch into restaurant service without the high rate of failure seen in the restaurant industry.

Sunny Street Café serves breakfast and lunch 6:30 a..m to 2:30 p.m. daily, which means you’ll just need one shift of staff — easier to manage than multiple shifts of servers, kitchen and backroom staff. The recipes also use regional flair on easy to execute recipes, simplifying the amount of time it takes to train new kitchen staff to produce consistent meals for patrons. With real, fresh food, diners enjoy impeccable breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings with friendly and courteous service.

You might think that this could be the description of any breakfast and lunch restaurant. The difference is in the system Sunny Street Café has developed to help would-be restaurateurs become seasoned pros through their training programs and streamlined methods of doing business. No matter what your local restaurant owner thinks is the hardest part of their restaurant business, running a restaurant isn’t exactly easy. A good franchise can make it easier.

In their first year of business, one in four restaurants shut their doors or change ownership. After five years, three in five have done so. With a 60% failure rate, opening a restaurant isn’t exactly a low-risk venture, especially if you’re going it alone. Franchises, however, provide a significant advantage over independent businesses because of their ability to rely on past knowledge and experience. Since the trial and error period is past, franchise restaurants can often avoid what Concordia University calls the top 4 pitfalls of new restaurant ownership:

  • Weak Leadership

Building a successful team starts with a leader who can manage staff well and drive the idea of the restaurant through day-to-day activities. Training from restaurant franchises, like that of Sunny Street Café, help business owners and managers learn the best techniques to operate their restaurants successfully using time-tested methods. What’s worked for someone else will probably work for you too.

  • Location

Your community probably has a building where restaurants never seem to stay very long and yet people keep trying to open up the next best thing in that location. Franchises that support restaurant owners with research and assistance to get the best deals on locations can help your restaurant start out with an advatage.

  • Market Focus

Franchisors know who their customers are and where to find them. Sunny Street Café knows that quick-service but quality breakfast, brunch, and lunch with real ingredients and regional touches appeals to a certain demographic and has designed their restaurant business around this clientele. A lot of the heavy reflection and research has already been done for the franchisee.

  • Balance

Nothing can replace the amount of time franchisees spend making their business into a success. But unlike individuals who have to learn a lot along the way and spend time learning instead of doing, franchisees reap the benefits of having someone who’s been there before. This means less time learning from mistakes and more time to find balance in their lives. Sunny Street Café’s aim is to take it slow in their expansion and focus on family and the community as their grow, finding franchisees to become part of the Sunny Street Café family.

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