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Just One Franchise: Vom Fass

Named German Retail Franchise of the Year in 2012, Vom Fass brings the world’s largest selection of oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs, and wine to American foodies through franchises. Johannes Kiderlen transformed his father’s business into a franchise focusing solely on these four products in 1994, and now the franchise is in 30 countries with over 250 stores worldwide and growing.

Vom Fass believes that sourcing directly from the producers and using ecologically sound techniques makes a better product. Vinegars, oils, and spirits are kept in special casks from the producer that keep air exposure at the lowest levels possible to preserve the freshness of the products. Producers use ecologically sound practices, too, so customers can feel confident of the environmental responsibility of the products they buy at Vom Fass.

Customers at Vom Fass stores fill bottles of their own choosing from the special casks. Customers are urged to recycle their bottles for refills to reduce waste. Gourmets love what Vom Fass has to offer and foodies flock to locations to stock up on important cooking ingredients and spirits to create their favorite dishes. Vom Fass offers wine and oil sampling, often found in European stores but new and exciting to American shoppers. The experiential approach to shopping where customers can try different products before buying adds an extra layer of customizable appeal to the Vom Fass experience.

Vom Fass franchisees come from all walks of life with a variety of levels of experience in retail. The only requirement is that Vom Fass franchisees must be passionate about bringing delicious foods to others and helping customers learn more about ways to use products to enhance their dining experiences.

Franchisees can expect to invest between $116,000 and $374,000 and need $100,000 in capital. Franchisees should also have a net worth of $250,000. Potential franchises are urged to join a discovery day at an existing franchise to learn abut how the business works and what they can expect as a franchisee. The Vom Fass franchisor team also believes that all potential franchisees should speak with multiple existing franchise owners to learn more about Vom Fass and the business’s successful franchisees.

Of course, we always recommend this, so we’re pleased to hear Vom Fass encourage this kind of thorough research. It’s also reassuring that they want prospective franchisees to talk with experienced franchisees.

Once on the franchise team, franchisees are guided through the opening process with assistance and master franchise units are poised to help the Vom Fass brand grow. Vom Fass is looking for master franchisers to open pilot stores and bring other franchisees to the franchise in their area. This is a keystone in Vom Fass’s plan to increase customer awareness and expand the brand’s reach. Marketing is also an important part of the Vom Fass brand and franchisees have access to ongoing consultations after their store is successfully opened and running.

If you think you might be a good fit for the Vom Fass franchise system, be sure to request more information.

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