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Just One Franchise: KidsPark Play Centers

childcare-franchiseWe love to spend time with our kids, but parents also need time off. Finding a good babysitter can be a challenge, and the good ones are often booked far in advance and charge premium prices. With families so often spread across the country, asking grandma to mind the kids is impossible for many young parents, and daycare centers require an ongoing commitment.

Getting an opportunity to take a class or go for a hike, a chance to do some volunteer work, or some couple time can require prior planning and it can also get expensive.

KidsPark has an alternative. KidsPark is much like a daycare cente,r but parents can drop off their children whenever it’s convenient for their schedule and pay by the hour. Instead of paying by the week or month as is required at a typical daycare center, parents can get the few hours they need to do tasks without children (or just enjoy some alone time). Centers are typically open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight, allowing parents much more time to use KidsPark than conventional daycare services. Prices are very affordable, starting around $7.50 per hour for the first child in the family, typically less than half the cost of a babysitter.

KidsPark started 25 years ago and has built up a reputation for reliable, flexible childcare over a quarter of a century. One thing that’s changing for KidsPark franchisees, however, is the opportunity to reach out to the community to bring special experiences to children in their area. KidsPark started a new program within the last few years called Sparkler Grants. These grants provide area non-profit preschools and schools up to grade 3 with the funds necessary to go to special events, like a trip to the museum or a play. These micro-grants do two things—they help area children and expand the reach of KidsPark. When parents of participant children learn about KidsPark after their children enjoy a fun special event, KidsPark is reaching a new layer of possible clients.

Franchisees have a wide range of clientele because of their flexible childcare model. Some children come from families with stay at home parents who just need a few hours every now and again. Other children come from families with working parents and stay throughout working hours, which might not always coincide with conventional daycare hours. Other families supplement their normal daycare with KidsPark to give parents a night out on the town. Most parents need a helping hand every once in a while, even if other family members are usually available to help with childcare. KidsPark gives families the flexibility they need for the real world on their schedule.

On top of a wide base of customers, KidsPark franchises offer programming that engages and teaches children with activities throughout the day. Since the KidsPark approach to childcare is hourly, they adapted the conventional daycare approach to fit the needs of their business model—children can enjoy activities throughout the day with other children and learn together with certified childcare professionals.

Children and parents alike love KidsPark and franchisees can benefit from KidsPark’s creative approach to marketing and giving back to the community.

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