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Weight Loss Franchises

weight loss franchisesAmericans spent an estimated $65 billion on weight loss last year alone, continuing a pattern of annual increases since 2008. 50% of Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time and the typical American dieter will try 4 times in the year to start weight loss. That’s a huge market.

It’s also a very competitive market. It would be hard to count the number of diet books, diet products, and fitness-building methods American consumers have to choose from. While most people can lose 5% to 10% of their body weight (and become healthier by doing so), it is rare for anyone to experience significant lasting weight loss. That means that weight loss programs can expect to have repeat customers. A franchisee who can help customers find their way through the maze of conflicting weight loss claims and develop good relationships can expect to have grateful customers.

January is fast approaching and we’ll see again the annual glut of Americans who resolve to lose weight. More will try again as bikini season approaches, so this is a great time to start the process of opening your own weight loss franchise business.

Here are some weight loss franchises worth highlighting:

  • Elements Fitness : A full-service lifestyle brand for women, Elements Fitness focuses on a physical activity approach to weight loss. With personal trainers and a state of the art workout club, customers learn to change their habits to change their bodies through activity. The women-only model appeals to many women, and they offer “a complete turnkey business kit” — no prior knowledge or experience is needed.
  • Balance Diet: From the same company as Elements Fitness, Balance Diet takes the other side of the weight loss approach by teaching customers how to eat healthy for their genetic makeup using an at-home test to find out what approach works best for customer’s bodies. They have corporate workplace wellness programs, mobile options, and a personal business coach for each franchisee.
  • Ellipse Fitness: An all-in-one approach to fitness and nutrition, Ellipse Fitness focuses on a class-only structure to their membership where customers participate in fitness and nutrition classes to change their bodies and their lives. Franchisees benefit from a low-equipment investment model that doesn’t require a “big box” gym investment in exercise equipment. There is also a lot of support upon startup, from help finding a location and staff members to 90 days of training and support for the owner and key staff members.
  • In-Shape MD : A medical approach to weight loss at this franchise focuses on hormone replacement to change the way customer’s bodies process food and react to exercise. Monitored by medical professionals, In-Shape franchisees can even operate this franchise as part of another medical business, like chiropractors’ offices, day spas, and even physicians’ offices. This franchise focuses on anti-aging, targeting the large Baby Boomer section of the weight-loss market.
  • Max Muscle: A supplement-based routine meant to help customers lose weight and build muscle, franchisees sell premium supplement products and provide educated support for customers.

There are thousands of approaches to weight loss. Finding one that you’re comfortable with, and which will resonate with your target market, is the key to weight loss franchise success.

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