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Just One Franchise: Nature’s Pet

American families include more than 78 million dogs and 86 million cats. More than 30% of American consumers say they prefer to buy from socially responsible companies. Put these figures together and you can see the appeal of Nature’s Pet franchises.

Nature’s Pet franchisees enjoy a flexible franchise model that aims at bringing natural, healthier, and ecologically sound pet products to pet owners with convenience in mind. With relatively low investment options, Nature’s Pet is an accessible business opportunity for people who want to grow wealth while doing good.

Depending on geographic location, stores may be called either Nature’s Pet or Earthwise Pet; NPM Franchising is the franchisor in either case.

Nature’s Pet has a clear business mission:

We strive to better the lives of pets and their owners through providing all natural products supported by proper education, superior customer service and green business practices.

When you’re comparing franchise business opportunities, you’re better off choosing one whose mission you can buy into — as well as one whose franchise business opportunity you can invest in. A  clear mission statement can also be a sign of a well-organized, established company. Another sign of this with Nature’s Pet is the way the company lays out information about working with them in a straightforward manner.

Franchisees are given flexibility when it comes to investment levels and how they manage their investment. The lower investment level is a smaller storefront that can work in both urban and rural settings. The smaller store footprint and inventory lends itself to a quicker opening time, so it’s a good option for those looking for a faster track. The higher investment level is a larger store with more offerings. Although it takes longer to get to opening day, the variety of products and services increase revenue. Franchisees can work full-time from the beginning or they can hire managers to oversee day to day operations.

Since not all franchises allow this, Nature’s Pet may stand out as an option for the hands-off investor. At the same time, those who love animals and enjoy working directly with other animal lovers can enjoy Nature’s Pet as a hands-on business opportunity.

Although each store is independent, franchisees enjoy support from the franchisor and other franchisees every step of the way from training and the opening process through operations. Even things like lease negotiation and filling out loan applications are part of the end-to-end support.The completely custom POS system is designed to facilitate remote monitoring of stores, making multi-store ownership much easier.

Another aspect of Nature’s Pets flexibility is their encouragement of local products and community involvement. Being able to tailor offerings for the local community can increase profitability, while also allowing franchisees to support local manufacturers and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Nature’s Pet offers marketing support, from marketing materials and local ads to help developing social media strategies for local stores. Starting your own pet store can be an enormous investment in a competitive space. Nature’s Pet is designed to stand out, and the support the franchisor provides can make all the difference.

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