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Just One Franchise: Paw Beach Pet Resort

As families get smaller, many pet owners think of their pets as children — and they’re increasingly willing to spend on them as they would on children.. When they go on vacation, they want their pets to have a relaxing and fun time, too. There are also pets that find a typical kennel stay a traumatic experience. Picking up a fearful, shaking dog at the kennel after a great vacation can ruin an otherwise wonderful experience. Paw Beach Pet Resort is a fun and healthy alternative to conventional kennels and is looking for franchisees to bring the business to more pet owners.

Paw Beach Pet Resort is a pet vacation destination that offers overnight and daycare services for pets and their owners. It’s more than just a dog-sitting center and offers a lot of amenities not found at most dog and cat care centers.

Each individual pet has a partitioned room during his or her stay instead of being locked up in a kennel. Dogs and their owners have access to outdoor and indoor playrooms, a dog swimming pool, and a dog park. Members can use the swimming pool and dog park for a fun outing with their pet even if their dogs aren’t staying the night. Paw Beach also teams up with local obedience training experts to provide training classes, and provides their own grooming services.

The upscale facilities and all-in-one system at Paw Beach Pet Resorts are the main selling point for members. The facility provides an unusual level of care and luxury. Combine that with franchisees that care about the well being of pets and it’s a winning combination for attracting and retaining customers.

Marketing is one of the biggest assets for a franchise in comparison with a start-up that has to cover all the costs of marketing directly. Paw Beach Pet Resort’s main location in Wilmington, North Carolina has an upcoming partnership with Seth Casteel, a famous pet photographer who has created books of touching and funny underwater dog photos. With a coffee table book called Underwater Dogs, a kids’ version of the book, and a new book of Underwater Puppies schedule to come out in September of 2014, Casteel can claim celebrity status. Casteel has an international following of thousands of dog lovers and routinely shares his adventures with his audience, so he’s a natural celebrity spokesperson for a pet resort. It’s the kind of brand exposure that brings in new clients to Paw Beach Resort’s entire franchise system — while providing a unique opportunity for dog owners who are hoping their pooch will get 15 minutes of fame.

Paw Beach has also garnered the seals of approval of many different publications. Future franchisees will follow the original location’s example with special opportunities and impeccable customer service after training with the franchisor staff and learning from veterinarians about the special ways they form dog play groups and care for pets.

Paw Beach Pet Resort may be the perfect franchise business opportunity for the pet lover.

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