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Just One Franchise: NZone

Remember those long summer days spent running and playing outdoors?

Many of today’s kids won’t have those memories. According to an article from the National Wildlife Federation, children today spend more than seven hours in front of a screen and less than 30 minutes outside playing. It may be one of the biggest causes of childhood obesity —  and may be setting up children to fail at establishing healthy habits later on in life. There are even concerns that vitamin D deficiency is on the rise among children in the U.S.

Many modern parents hesitate to let their kids play outside without supervision. Increased concern about “stranger danger,” allergies, sun exposure, and traffic make the old-fashioned practice of sending kids out to play seem dangerous. At the same time, traditional kids’ sports leagues raise concerns about excessive competition, extreme time demands, and even higher than acceptable risks of injury. Add the ever-increasing options for video games, on-demand movies and TV, and other electronic play, and we’re bringing up a generation of couch potatoes.

NZone is a franchise business opportunity that lets franchisees succeed in business by providing parents with a practical way to change this trend.

NZone offers two kinds of sport-centered experiences for kids:

  • weekend sports leagues for ages 3-16 with practices and games scheduled on the same day
  • weekday sports camps in day care centers or schools

Both provide healthy outdoor exercise, along with a fun, safe environment that provides what NZone likes to call “responsible competition.”

NZone sports offerings include the most popular team sports for kids:

  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • T-Ball
  • Golf

NZone assists with finding and training the coaches and teachers who lead the leagues and camps. They help franchisees find venues and provide ongoing help and support. Their proprietary software helps franchisees handle schedules and standings, and allows parents to register and to pay online. They have a corporate website that encourages visitors to connect with their local franchisee, and every franchisee gets a customizable web page.

NZone franchisees come from all walks of life. The flexibility of the system lets many franchisees hold regular full-time jobs and supplement their income with seasonal work from NZone. Other franchisees make NZone a full-time commitment and spend their time year-round organizing and running camps. There are different levels of commitment too, with some NZone franchises acting as session coaches and others focusing solely on running the business with coaches on staff to run the camps.

With no net worth requirement and a low startup investment of just over $50,000, NZone is a very accessible franchise to start for those with limited capital at their disposal. NZone is a proven home based model that provides franchisees with ongoing support when they need it and training that NZone’s corporate headquarters or on location. While it’s a smaller franchise, NZone franchisees still benefit from national advertising and marketing support. Franchisees also get generous territories for optimal profitability.

NZone is definitely a good choice for a child-centered franchise opportunity. Find NZone right now on our New Franchises page — and check back often for more new franchises.

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