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Just One Franchise: Securis

ChinaWhat do China and industrial espionage have to do with franchise business opportunities? Securis, a new franchise opportunity, has the answer.

China has been called the electronic waste bucket of the world because so much e-waste — discarded electronic devices — is sent there for disassembly. According to the United Nations, as much as 70% of electronic waste makes its way to China, often through illegal channels.

Recycling sounds like a good thing, but much electronic waste involves toxic chemicals. Taking on the challenges of e-waste has had serious consequences in some cities in China. One such city, Guiyu, has undergone a number of positive changes in the last few years but there’s still a long way to go before e-waste disposal is safe in developing countries. Even in the U.S. where there is more regulation, common improper disposal of electronic devices has health and environmental consequences.

On top of issues surrounding disposal, there are all kinds of security threats when it comes to disposing of waste that contains important information. Now that we use computers to store anything and everything, disposing of these electronics properly is a high priority when information must be kept secure. Securis aims to help businesses and government agencies get the help they need to dispose of electronics and data without the environmental impact and security threats of conventional disposal in the garbage.

There are lots of e-waste options out there but not all of them are ready for increased regulation—and that means buying into a disaster for franchisees. Experts advise businesses to look for recyclers which are certified by a third party agency in order to avoid potential risk in the future. Securis already complies with local, national, and international regulations for e-waste disposal. R2 as well as the National Association of Information Destruction give Securis top ratings. Securis isn’t just any e-waste company—they’re the cream of the crop.

On top of compliance, Securis has certified secure destruction specialists to ensure proper disposal of data during the e-waste disposal process. Because of this certification, Securis has obtained government contracts with countless federal and local agencies that bring business to franchisees. Not every e-waste franchise can make these statements.

Franchisees who want to branch into a growing industry will be happy to know just how much e-waste Americans dispose of every year. Now that there are more electronic devices in the country than there are people—in fact around 24 per American household —there’s a huge market for the 2.4 million tons of e-waste disposal for consumers and businesses every year.

Franchisees need personal net worth of $500,000 and $150,000 in on-hand cash to meet the financial requirements for a Securis franchise. They can also expect to invest anywhere between $86,100 and $305,590 depending on what type of franchise location they’d like to open. Securis provides extensive training to meet the needs of this demanding, very specialized industry.

Franchisees can expect their business to grow as needs for proper e-waste grow and more regulations are put in place for disposing of data and electronic goods. Instead of buying into an industry combating regulations, you can buy into one that embraces and expects it.

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