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Chocolate Franchise – Tasty Image

Tasty Image Chocolate has a different take on chocolate from your average chocolatier, and the Tasty Image franchise opportunity is different from the typical franchise.

A Tasty Image store contains chocolates, but Tasty Image wants to offer more than an ordinary chocolate shop: they’re ready for the “the total chocolate party experience.”

They produce custom edible-ink printed chocolates — with text, logos, photos, and more — both as products that can be ordered online or bought at a franchise store, and as events in stores or at the customer’s location.

Here are some of their products and events:

  • A 10 pound chocolate bar with an inspirational quote arrives in your break room each month. You choose the dark to milk chocolate ratio, subscribe, and be surprised by the new quote every time a new bar arrives.
  • A Chocolate Photo Booth for parties and events, creating photo-embossed chocolates on sticks for all the guests for $9.99 per guest. There’s a similar set up for trade shows that sends booth visitors off with a chocolate portrait complete with your logo.
  • ChocoDoodles — chocolate lollipops with cute pictures kids can color with edible markers. The markers are included in the basic packages, but you can also get refill packages with just the ChocoDoodles, in a range of fun themes.
  • Chocolate business cards, chocolate portraits — solid chocolate with a photo on top — chocolate cookies with your logo, truffle bouquets, and all sorts of chocolate goodies with custom printing.
  • Birthday parties and summer camp for kids, with chocolates and chocolate activities.

The end customer can be everyone from a bride wanting something less predictable than a chocolate fountain to a business wanting something special for a team-building event. This gives franchisees a lot of scope for the target market.

Chocolate is already an easy sell. It’s the favorite flavor of more than half of the adults in the world and kids like it, too. The average American eats 10-20 pounds of chocolate a year, and chocolate is strongly associated with a number of holidays, from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day.

What’s more, chocolate is associated with health benefits of various kinds, including a lower incidence of heart disease and stroke among chocolate eaters, a chemical called pentameric procyanidin which has been shown to inhibit the formation of cancer cells, and increases blood flow to the brain. For shoppers who need a little permission to indulge, these facts can be compelling.

Tasty Image looks for sales, marketing, and business background in its franchisees. They also want to see dedication to the brand and to customers. A fun outlook on life — “a  desire to be part of life’s festivities and celebrations” — is the last requirement. This means that franchisees don’t have to be pastry chefs or confectioners. The Tasty Image leadership team trains franchisees on use and maintenance of the machinery, on how to create the Tasty Image recipes, and all the details of how to run the business. They make good use of online resources as support for their franchisees.

Tasty Image, with its unusual combination of retail, snacks, and events, might be just the franchise opportunity for you.

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