Choosing the Right Franchise

Tax Franchise Season?

Is it too early to think about tax season? It’s too early to file 2013 taxes, but it’s not too early to think about taking advantage of tax-related business opportunities. If you plan to serve next year’s taxpayers’ filing needs, this is exactly the time to get started.

It takes time to open a franchise. Tax season unofficially starts on January 13th when everyone’s done with the holidays and wants to prepare for April’s return deadline — and people who expect a return will look for tax services as soon as they get the paperwork from their employers. It’s less than 130 days away now!

To get your business up and running, you’ll need to go through at least the following steps:

  • Find your franchise
  • Arrange funding
  • Sign franchise documents
  • Go through franchise training programs
  • File any legal documents as required
  • Find a location
  • Sign the lease
  • Plan and implement marketing
  • Set up shop
  • Hire and train employees

Each of these steps can take time and include many smaller steps, and a tax business has a limited window of opportunity in which to earn the bulk of their revenue for the year. If you’ve been thinking seriously about a tax franchise, it’s time to really get to work selecting your franchise and getting started.

  • 1040TaxBiz is one of the easiest solutions for opening a tax business this season because they do a lot of the legwork for you. This year 1040TaxBiz has teamed up with Family Dollar to provide franchisees with in-store booths. Instead of having to find a location for the season, buy furniture and set up a space, 1040TaxBiz sets up franchisees with booths and locations. By reducing the steps needed to get your business up and running, 1040TaxBiz makes it practical to open your tax business before tax season this year.
  • Liberty Tax Service is a popular option. It’s designed as a part-time franchise opportunity and is among the fastest-growing tax franchise businesses in the nation. Their marketing is creative and aggressive, and they have some serious tax preparation experience behind them, so they have a simple system that doesn’t require much knowledge on the part of the franchisee.
  • Federal Direct Tax Services is a more traditional approach to the tax service franchise where franchisees can have a location wherever they decide. The franchisor provides Federal Direct Tax Services franchisees with training and year-round assistance with tax preparation questions. But what makes Federal Direct different is that they allow franchisees the freedom to customize solutions to meet the needs of your tax office and your customers.

Any of these options can get you on track towards owning a tax franchise this season.

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