Educational Franchises

The Nutty Scientists


Starting a franchise business, like starting any business of your own, brings a lot of satisfaction. For some, it’s the excitement of working for yourself. For others, building a successful business and being able to provide jobs for others brings fulfillment.

For still others, it’s about making a positive impact on your community. For example, if you care about helping children learn about their world and improving science education, the Nutty Scientists franchise might be perfect for you.

Nutty Scientists are a group of creative performers who teach children about science through hands-on and interactive experiments that are examples of larger scientific concepts. They’ve been featured on National Geographic and have worked with big name clients like Volvo and Ikea. They have training programs to teach franchisees all the ins and outs of using interactive shows to teach children as well as the behind-the-scenes business running skills needed to really make it successful.

American students continue to lag behind European and Asian nations in science, and improvements in science education can be hard to accomplish when schools are under economic pressure and also face severe consequences if they fail to meet strict standards for math and reading. Next Generation Science Standards calls for sweeping changes — and many U.S. teachers, themselves products of our school system, don’t have the science background they need. Parents and teachers alike are clamoring for ways to introduce science concepts in fun ways, and many people feel a sense of urgency about overcoming our national limitations in science.

Science education may not be your issue at all. You might care deeply about providing natural beauty alternatives or eco-friendly business options, about caring for seniors or fighting on the job drug use. There are franchise business opportunities that let you make a difference in many, many ways.

Sometimes people who are passionate about an issue or about making a difference can lose track of the business side of things. A franchise business opportunity helps by providing the systems needed for financial success. You still have to approach your franchise in a businesslike way, but going into it with the background and support of a franchise increases your chances of success.

By franchising instead of going it alone, you can make a greater impact with less risk. On top of that, franchising can provide bigger opportunities for making a difference. Take the accolades Nutty Scientists has received—with these comes respect from a larger community that gives you, as a franchisee, greater access to educational opportunities.

If you’re looking for a franchise to make a difference, make sure to look at how the goals of the business side and impact side go together and how these franchises work as a whole for the entire franchise program. The more success you see all over, the better off your franchise will be and the bigger the positive impact you can make.

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