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Unique Niche Early Adopters: Naturals 2 Go

Early adopters of new trends can get in on the ground floor before a trend really takes off and become huge influencers when it does. Naturals 2 Go is doing just that—the healthy food vending franchise is ahead of the rest of the pack, offering healthy snacking options just as American consumers are getting serious about changing their snacking habits.

The connection between food and health may not be a new idea, but it’s definitely going mainstream. Where in the past people who were concerned about eating healthy foods might just have stayed away from vending machines, they’re now expecting to see better choices there . . . as well as in school cafeterias, factory break rooms, and other spots that have generally been havens for doughnuts and chili cheese fries.

There used to be a divide between healthy meals, which Americans typically ate at home, and snacking, which was expected to be unhealthy. Snacking was associated with fun, extra eating. Meals would naturally include a hot vegetable and a salad along with a high-protein entree. Snacks were things like cookies, chips, and candy, and no one expected them to be healthy.

As Americans began to eat fewer of those traditional home cooked meals, the line between meals and snacks began to blur. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation reports that more than a quarter of Americans eat fast food every day. For most of those consumers, a meal is likely to be a burger and fries. Thinking of snacks as a frivolous break from an overall healthy diet is clearly no longer appropriate.

And yet we’re also becoming more health conscious – maybe not so health conscious that we’ll go home and cook broccoli, but enough that we feel bad about living entirely on junk food. The outcome? A preference for healthy snacks.

There are a few other healthy vending machine franchisors out there but Naturals 2 Go has an unrivaled 20 years of experience and the clout to negotiate with big brands, a power new vending franchisors simply don’t have. They’ve been on the leading edge for long enough that, as early adopters, they’ve become a powerhouse in the health snack niche.

On top of extensive experience and a sound reputation, Naturals 2 Go’s vending machines use top of the line technology, indicating their commitment to staying ahead of the pack. All machines are outfitted with card readers for convenience in an era when fewer people carry cash. Their machines are high capacity and made of the highest grade materials, meaning less time spent filling and repairing machines—the two most costly aspects of a vending machine business.

All in all, Naturals 2 Go is a promising opportunity for a franchisee who wants to be an influencer in the healthy snacks revolution. As more and more schools, office buildings, and gyms put more thought into their snacking options, customers are going to demand healthier options in vending machines. Naturals 2 Go is already an influencer in this unique niche and their franchisees can tap into this power.

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