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fitness-together-franchise-img2The gym franchise opportunity you’re considering is more than just a business to the customers. A gym can be a source of hope, a solution for stress, even a community and support system. The importance of the gym in your customers’ lives is certainly one of the advantages to this type of wellness franchise opportunity, but it’s also a factor to take into account when considering whether this kind of franchise business is for you.

The fitness industry is still growing along with the obesity epidemic in America, and fitness is in the news now more than ever. As the population ages and research shows the value of physical fitness for older adults, new target populations are opening up for gyms.

America’s Best Franchises offers several gym franchises including Gym Matrix and Snap Fitness with two different ideas of what makes a successful gym franchise. Both, however, have proven to be successful for many franchisees. Each appeals to a different kind of franchise businessperson – and to a different kind of customer.

Gym Matrix is a gym membership model built on individual attention in an intimate setting, with nutritional support and 24 hour gym access. This system allows for results-oriented workouts and assisted training at a lower cost than personal training. Instead of hefty hourly fees, members pay reasonable monthly rates and have access to the same level of personalized instruction as if they had personal trainers.

The idea behind Gym Matrix is that together, with the right knowledge and motivation, anyone can become fit and healthy. Gym Matrix is focused on individual customer service and helping in every way possible to help their customers achieve their goals, guiding them every step of the way.

This is a great fit for the hands-on owner, the fitness enthusiast, the person who wants to develop relationships with clients. It can also be a great fit for the older adult and the gym visitors for whom gym time is social time.

On the other end of the spectrum is Snap Fitness, the #1 fitness franchise in America. Snap Fitness is often primarily run as an absentee franchise, meaning the business is open to customers when neither you nor staff members are present. Snap provides 24/7 access for its members in a secure and well-equipped gym that they can access at their convenience.

This can be very appealing for people who are busy and have more commitments than time, but still want to work out. It’s also ideal for people who like gym time to be quiet, reflective time, or who have unusual work schedules to work around.

Snap Fitness allows for up to three franchises per franchisee so you can open multiple locations and manage all of them yourself with very minimal assistance, perfect for someone who wants a very hands-off approach to running their business.

Both gym franchises tap into the $15 billion fitness industry that is continually growing and each serves a certain type of customer with their unique business models. Both offer training programs and assistance that many other gym franchises don’t, which can make all the difference for your success. Make sure that the gym franchise you decide on fits your own personality best and you’ll be more successful.

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