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Who’s Your Favorite Franchising Pioneer?

voteSo who’s your favorite franchising pioneer? You might never have thought about this question before, but Empowerkit is taking a poll. Now guys like Ray Kroc and Colonel Sanders get to have the thrill American Idol contestants know — the chance to find out who America loves best.

Here are some of the contestants:

  • Kwik Kopy’s F.C. Bud Hadfield, who had a life-size replica of the Alamo built at the corporate headquarters. 
  • Bill Rosenberg of Dunkin’ Donuts, who was a founder of both the International Franchise Association and the International Horse Racing Association. 
  • William C. Durant of General Motors, who came up with the idea of car dealerships even though he initially wouldn’t allow his daughter to ride in a horseless carriage.
  • Joe C. Thompson of 7 Eleven, who realized while working at an ice company that ice could change the nature of the grocery store.
  • Isaac Singer of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, who might be the first franchisor in history, and perhaps also the first to be arrested for bigamy.

We’ve listed just a few of the candidates here — and admittedly, we’ve tracked down some colorful facts about them rather than sharing their importance in franchising. We don’t want to influence your vote, though! Go vote for your favorite.

Then tell us why you made your choice. We’d like to know.

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