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Why Mobile Matters to Your Franchise

Franchises are in a unique position in the market. Your franchise feels like a corporation because there is a large corporate entity backing the business. However, it’s primarily local. You rely on your local customers to bring you business, patronize your shop, and help you earn the living you always imagined you would. You’re probably doing some version of DIY marketing in your franchise. Corporate offers you a great number of marketing tools too. If mobile marketing is one of them (or if you’re allowed to deploy mobile marketing on your own volition) take advantage!

Why Mobile?

Consumers aren’t paying attention to traditional media sources anymore. We fast forward through commercials, look at our phones while travelling and change the channel when ads come on the radio. Capturing your customer’s attention is more difficult than ever before. To do it right, you need to show up in the right place at the right time.

Mobile marketing lets you do just that. When a customer is scrolling through Facebook on her phone or reading her emails close to your store, you can reach her by sending her a text message or mobile alert. It’s these small triggers that yield big time results for your franchise

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Franchises

To do this marketing right, you need a strong strategy. Here are four elements to consider when building up your strategy.

  1. Make sure you have a mobile friendly website. – If your website is through your corporate office, chances are it’s mobile friendly. This is essential to ranking high in search results and (more importantly) giving your customers an easy-to-navigate experience when they visit your website. Without it, you could lose frustrated people who give up trying to find the information they need and opt to buy from your competitor instead.
  2. Incorporate calls-to-action in your mobile marketing. – Don’t expect people to know what to do when you send a specific promotion. Tell your potential customer the next step you want her to take. Guide her to do business with you in each promotion you send.
  3. Email, email, email. Over 87% of smartphone users check their email on their phones, according to Pew Research. Email your coupons, discounts and promotions and you’re more likely to see people flashing their phones to redeem a good deal in your store.
  4. Consider mobile advertising platforms. – Apps, news stations and other networks allow third parties to advertise through their mobile channels to people in specific areas. If you’re trying to reach local customers, mobile marketing is a smart investment.

Mobile Marketing is a Smart Move for Franchises

The benefits of this type of marketing are clear. Your franchise reaches a larger demographic, you get more exposure using new media and you align your brand with the technology your customers are using today.

Have you used mobile marketing in your franchise? Tell us about the results.

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