Rush Bowls Franchise Experiences Significant Growth in 2018

Health-conscious fast casual concept grows exponentially in 2018

Two years since launching its national expansion campaign, Rush Bowls – a fast-casual restaurant chain known for its meals-in-a-bowl crafted from the finest fruits and vegetables, topped with organic granola and honey, and blended with protein, vitamins and other nutritious ingredients – has surpassed expectations and recorded remarkable growth within the past year.

Rush Bowls growth is marked by 10 stores opening across six states in 2018. Rush Bowls also signed 12 development deals in 2018 calling for an additional 47 units; the brand now has 95 locations in various stages of development. Additionally, in the past year, the brand announced its first wave of international expansion with a 10 store development deal in Canada.

“We are thrilled with the accomplishments we’ve made in 2018 and look forward to reaching new heights in 2019,” said Andrew Pudalov, founder and CEO of Rush Bowls. “For the past few years we have been focused on laying the foundational groundwork for the brand, which combined with our growing franchise opportunity, will launch Rush Bowls into the national spotlight.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Rush Bowls plans to more than quadruple its footprint in the coming year. In the New Year, the brand hopes to open at least 40 locations in 2019, of which, a third are slated to open in the first half of the year, including the brand’s entrance into Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.

Founded in 2004, Rush Bowls offers meals crafted from all-natural fruit, topped with organic granola and honey, and blended with protein, vitamins and other nutritious ingredients that taste delicious while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Customers can choose from over 40 signature bowls or all-natural smoothies made with fruit and vegetable bases, including acai, kale and avocado.

“Our number one priority is 100 percent all-natural nutrition, which makes Rush Bowls different from other grab-and-go concepts,” Pudalov noted. “Rush Bowls’ meals are crafted from the finest fruits and vegetables, with fresh toppings like organic granola, hand-grinded peanut butter and jam made in-house to ensure the highest quality and taste for our customers.”

Over the past 14 years, Rush Bowls has cultivated a loyal following with its menu specializing in healthy, all-natural, fruit-blended meals-in-a-bowl for those on the go. Bowls are also available in vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy free options, and anything can be custom made to cater to any and all dietary needs.

To augment its growth, Rush Bowls is seeking qualified franchise partners who are passionate about health and wellness. According to the 2018 FDD, the total investment to open a Rush Bowls is $282,500 to $499,000, including a franchise fee starting at $80,000 for a three-store development deal. The average store is approximately 850 square feet and employs 2 full-time and 5+ part time employees.


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