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4 Resolutions to Spur Your Franchise Growth in 2016

It’s a New Year. Franchise growth in 2016 is a real possibility if you position yourself for success.

This time of year, people reflect on their lives and plan for their futures. Are you doing the same in your business? To experience the type of growth you know you’re capable of in 2016, now is the time to set new resolutions for your franchise. Now is the time to put in place the plans that will help you reach your goals.

Here are four 2016 resolutions to help you spur your franchise growth and bring your business success this year.

#1. Don’t Be Afraid to Adopt Technology

It’s not only the norm in consumer’s lives, technology is also becoming more commonplace and expected from franchises.

Adopting technology might feel scary. It can feel a little uneasy to break away from the old habits you were once accustomed to using. Still, it can also feel liberating to have faster, better systems in place for your business.

Use Facebook ads, incorporate mobile marketing in your franchise and start attracting a bigger crowd with technology.

#2. Highlight Stand-out Employees

This resolution encourages you to go beyond the standard “Employee of the Month” club. Highlighting your employees is a good way to bridge the gap between business and consumer.

For example, Starbucks does an exceptional job at honoring service members and their families. The goal is to show gratitude for the people who serve. It also serves another purpose. It helps to form a bond between a consumer who serves and a barista who supports a serviceman. Highlighting the unique sides of your employees can do the same.

#3. Pay Attention to the “Instant Gratification” Trend

With the proliferation of smartphones and technology, it’s no wonder consumers are getting more accustomed to instant gratification of orders and demands.

In your franchise, you can spur your business growth by catering to this trend. If you have a fast food franchise, allow your customers to place an order for pickup. If you work with children, encourage parents to text when they’re enroute so you can finish up and have their child waiting for them in the parking lot when they arrive.

#4. Become More Active in Your Community

Although your business is attached to a nationally recognized name, you serve your community. Everyone you hire, every customer who walks through your door and (almost) every dollar you invest goes back into your local community. Getting active with the people your business serves is essential.

As a franchise owner, don’t get stuck behind your desk or in the daily grind. Pound the pavement and start drumming up more business while also creating goodwill around your local franchise’s name. Here are a few ways how:

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Participate in local fundraising events
  • Donate to local school functions

The possibilities are endless.

Now we want to hear from you. What New Year’s resolutions have you put in place for your franchise growth in 2016?

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