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Just One Franchise: Decor and You

When you’re thinking which franchise business opportunity to choose, your attention might first be drawn to restaurants and retail opportunities. Franchise businesses cover a wide spectrum of different fields, though, include some that seem as though they would be difficult to scale. One choice you might not initially consider: interior décor.

Interior design is typically a custom service, and a pricey one. In the past, interior designers often had access to products ordinary consumers could not buy, in addition to their design skills and talents. Now that the internet has made it so much easier for ordinary people to source products, consumers rely on interior designers for convenience and service — and that makes it time to consider a franchise interior design shop.

Décor&You is an interior design franchise. It might be difficult to take a business that relies so much on the personal skill level of the interior designer and turn it into a franchise business model. The goal of a franchise, after all, is to provide a consistent system that works. When interior design is so much about the vision of the interior designer, it’s easy to see where a interior design franchise might be a challenge.

Décor&You uses a special system that focuses on the individual customer, not the individual designer. Instead of choosing a designer whose work they admire, clients rely on franchisees to interpret their own visions for their surroundings.

Décor&You’s proprietary design program helps customers figure out what they like in interior design. Often, customers don’t really know what they like. They know what appeals to them when they see it, but they don’t know how to define it or which features add up to the look they want. Sometimes they’re easily swayed by the opinions of friends and family, or drawn to trendy looks that won’t work for their lifestyles. Even as simple a decision as what color to paint walls can easily lead homeowners to family quarrels, bad decisions, and eventual disappointment.

Décor&You focuses on cutting through all of these problems and getting to the root of what the customer likes. Once the “Style Survey” is completed, franchisees provide three options to their customers and then move on to installation. With the design decisions already made, franchisees can concentrate on providing a smooth, stress-free experience to their clients. This appeals to consumers who have clear design ideas, too — it’s one thing to have a vision for your rooms and another to go through the time-consuming process of decorating.

Taking customers from first contact to an established relationship with results the customer likes is a challenge for independent interior designers, but Décor&You makes it simpler through the franchise business model. The system leads people from their first conversation through completion of the project with a three step process filled with decision points and reassurances. Online marketing and extensive training provide essential support for franchisees, and both the initial investment and overhead are moderate.

Décor&You franchisees also work with business clients, designing commercial and business spaces. With distinct territories and a wide range of clientele, franchisees are in a strong position with Décor&You.

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