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Holiday Stress and Franchise Businesses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — unless it’s not. The average American mom puts in the equivalent of an extra 40 hour work week preparing for Christmas, some of us are racing to too many parties while others are coping with loneliness, and financial worries collide with pressures to provide a picture-perfect holiday. Add the fact that in many parts of the country the weather is gloomy and the roads are crowded. You have a recipe for stress.

If you’ve been noticing the stress levels in your neighborhood, you might be able to help by investing in a franchise business that tackles stress.

Stress levels are a year-round problem for Americans, according to the American Psychological Association, but only 37% of people say they’re doing something to help manage it. This leaves a huge opportunity for businesses to help clients manage stress and make a positive impact on their lives and health.

Here are some possibilities to consider:

Elements Therapeutic Massage is one franchise that focuses entirely on helping clients manage and reduce stress and lead healthier lives. Massage is proven to reduce the amounts of stress hormones in the body and increase immunity. The more massage is involved in routine, says one Emory University study, the more clients will benefit from these biological effects of massage. If you’re looking for a way to change the lives of your clients and make a positive impact on the world, owning a massage franchise might be something that could interest you. Elements Therapeutic Massage wants to help you change the lives of customers.

Elements believes that when clients are happy and healthy, your profits will be too. Elements achieves this goal by creating individualized sessions for customers instead of cookie-cutter massage offerings. Clients know what they want, Elements believes, and it is the job of the franchisee to give it to them. Instead of offering different styles of massages at different price points, customers purchase their massages by time spent and can enjoy whatever type of massage they choose during their session.

Planet Beach Spa also offers massage, but combines it with a range of other beauty and wellness options — all automated so the customer can indulge in pampering treatments in privacy, without the need for an attendant.

This model keep overhead low, and allows Planet Beach to offer affordable monthly membership options. Depending on the market and the franchisee’s choices, offerings can include anti-stress focused choices like a personal oxygen bar or guided meditation, hydration therapy, and more, making customers feel like they’ve had a mini-vacation.

Exercise may be the best anti-stress treatment around. Fitness franchises offer a chance to provide overall wellness, and a specialized franchise like Title Boxing can give even more anti-stress benefits. Boxing turns out to be a particularly good stress management strategy.

A business that targets stress could be just what your community needs, and any of these options could provide the perfect franchise business opportunity for you.

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