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Just One Franchise: Nano-Concepts

nano-gripDo carbon spears that stab and kill microscopic bacteria seem far-fetched? How about a spray that makes slippery surfaces safer? Both of these are real products offered by Nano-Concept franchises that perform treatments on porous and non-porous surfaces across the country. Their customers range from hospitals, retailers, and businesses to residential customers. And their technologies are cutting edge, yet practical.

Nanotechnology is about working with very, very small things. The head of a pin is about one million nanometers across, and that measurement is the source of the word “nanotechnology.” Nanotechnology allows us to do things we couldn’t do before.

For example, silver has anti-microbial properties, but in the past that wasn’t of much practical use. Coating hospital walls and beds with silver would have been flashy, and it might have cut down on infections, but it wasn’t a realistic option. There was no way to make a silver coating thin enough to be practical and affordable.

Now, nanoparticles of silver can be suspended in a solution that is used not only on hospital walls but also in bandages to keep wounds cleaner. This couldn’t be done before modern nanotech processes were invented, but now it is completely practical. Silver nanoparticles are one of the easier example to understand, but there are many, many more innovative solutions being developed.

Nano-Concepts is making nanotechnology solutions available as a franchise business opportunity.

Preventive care intended to ward off potential lawsuits is a growth industry—expensive lawyers spend their entire careers working for clients seeking restitution from slip and fall accidents and other lawyers are sustained by defending clients against these claims. Lawyers aside, it is clear that prevention against these types of legal proceedings can save businesses money and time, as well as increasing safety for customers and workers.

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and child care facilities sometimes suffer legal action from suits due to infections caused by unsanitary surfaces. But the need to reduce microbial infections goes far beyond legal responsibility. Reduced absenteeism in offices, faster recovery in healthcare facilities, and greater safety in restaurants are important in and of themselves.

Nano-Concepts offers innovative technology that can solve plenty of health and safety related problems. On top of innovative treatments, Nano-Concepts also saves businesses money with acoustical ceiling tile cleaning services. Instead of having to invest significant funds into new tiles, companies can have their old tiles restored to like-new condition.

As business owners become more familiar with nanotechnology, early adopters will be in a strong position. Since most people are still unfamiliar with the concept, those who want to benefit from the new technology will rely on the companies they already trust for these services.

The appeal of cutting edge technology combined with the practical benefits as demonstrated in the Nano-Concepts laboratories can help Nano-Concepts franchises become a vital part of business support systems. This franchise can be a full-time business, but it can also be an additional service offered by your existing maintenance business.

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