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Just One Franchise: BullChicks

bullchicks-logoMost quick service restaurant franchises use a small menu that reduces the amount and variety of food they need to stock and allows for standardization in food prep. BullChicks, on the other hand, has developed a completely customizable menu of 20 burgers, 20 wraps, and 20 salads as well as sandwiches and wings. Their mix-and-match strategy gives a sense of flexibility and freshness without giving up the practicality of a streamlined menu.

Founded as a family business in Corpus Christi, BullChicks centers around repeat customers who love what BullChicks offers as well as the affordable prices. BullChicks has a fun and friendly atmosphere perfect for a community hang out for families and singles alike. Customers can write messages on the wall to leave their mark and stake their claim at their favorite BullChicks location.

Their trademark wing-eating contest adds excitement to the franchise when patrons try to conquer their hottest wings for a spot on the interactive wall of fame, a gift card to bring them back for another meal, and a T-shirt which acts as further promotion for the franchise. This fun and creative promotion is typical of the BullChicks approach to marketing. They have an up-to-date website listing franchisees’ locations with a web page for each.

When you can please lots of different appetites, BullChicks figures, you can cater to large groups and different kinds of people. From students on a budget to the hard-hat crew to the suits and ties, BullChicks serves many different kinds of people. BullChicks won’t tell you the secret ingredient that makes their food so delicious until you become a franchisee. They will say, however, that they use fresh ingredients and a friendly atmosphere to make their restaurant addictive.

BullChicks is looking for franchisees who are passionate about running a business and catering to repeat customers. Franchisees don’t have to work in the restaurant full time, but are expected to participate in operations. Franchise locations are going like hotcakes in the BullChicks franchise system, including Master Franchise locations for enterprise growth. Master franchisees open their own primary location and then bring other franchisees into the system. They also train and manage these franchisees under the guidance of the BullChick franchisor team.

Franchisees are required to have a minimum of $75,000 in cash for a single unit and the franchise fee for an individual unit is $39,000. A single unit total investment ranges between $126,500 and $244,500. Master franchise unit costs vary depending on whether you want to build out a pilot location or if you only want to sign on and manage other franchisees. Opening a pilot franchise significantly increases the total investment amount, but that cost is split 50/50 with the franchisor. Compared to other franchises that don’t give any assistance to Master Franchisees, that split can be a huge advantage.

You don’t need experience in the restaurant business to own a BullChicks franchise, either. They’re looking primarily for future franchisees that are excited, energetic, and capable of learning the BullChicks franchise model.

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