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For a Solid Franchise Sector Look to Home Care

BY ED TEIXEIRA | October 23, 2012

When individuals consider a franchise opportunity the starting point should be to choose an industry that they are comfortable with. The decision should also be based upon the available investment capital and business skills that one possesses. Some individuals prefer fast food while others may gravitate towards children’s services. With over 2,500 franchises to choose from the task can appear daunting. However, for those who prefer the service industry, a home care franchise offers a solid opportunity.

Operating a home care franchise like other franchise businesses has its challenges. Dealing with people who have mental and physical ailments and managing caregivers is something many people don’t want to deal with. However, operating a home care franchise can be a rewarding and satisfying business.

There are a variety of services that home care franchises provide. This allows an individual to choose among franchises that offer non-skilled and skilled home care services. Franchises like Interim Healthcare and Homewatch Caregivers offer both skilled and non-skilled home care services. If there is a preference to provide only non-skilled services then a franchise like Comfort Keepers could be the right choice.


There are numerous benefits that a home care franchise provides:

  • Home care services are in demand and the market will continue to grow. Home care is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry. There’s no need to be concerned about home care being a trendy industry.
  • Almost half of the home care franchisors allow the franchisee to operate from a home based office. This means that the initial investment can be as low as $50,000 or less including the franchise fee. This provides an opportunity for someone who is attracted to a home care franchise but has limited capital to invest.
  • A home care franchise operation is clean and the work schedule is manageable versus some franchises that require long hours seven days a week.
  • For home care workers the labor pool is large and many seniors or retirees find the work rewarding.
  • Since the market for home care services is large there are ample territories available throughout the United States.

The home care franchise sector offers individuals a franchise opportunity with positive features that can represent a solid opportunity.


About Ed Teixeira

Ed Teixeira, President of FranchiseKnowHow is the author of Home Care Franchise Industry Update 2012. Click here to download a free copy. Ed has spent over 33 years in the franchise industry, including 15 years in the franchised home healthcare sector, where he served as a senior executive for a publicly traded home care franchisor as well as franchisee of a multi-million dollar home care operation. He was also Chief Operating Officer of a franchised medical staffing company. He can be contacted at 631-246-5782 or franchiseknowhow@gmail.com

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