Home Improvement Franchises

Home Improvement Franchises Have Some Real Advantages

We asked Lance Jensen, CEO of Global Garage Flooring & Design, to detail for our ABF blog subscribers, the real advantages to considering a Home Improvement Franchise.  Following are his comments:

Home Improvement Franchises:

Home Improvement Franchises have some real advantages to them.

Low Investment:      These are usually home based mobile businesses.  They require some tools, a truck or trailer, a franchise and some start-up capital.  What they don’t require is the thing that makes some other franchises expensive.  That is land and building to house the business.  You can operate them out of a home office and maybe a storage unit.

Quick Start-Up           Finding a “good” piece of real-estate, remodeling it, hiring a lot of employees and getting everything else ready to start a business takes time, often years to accomplish.  With Home Improvement Franchises, most typically, you don’t have to concern yourself with the real-estate aspect of the start-up phase.  This lets you get a business up and running in a matter of weeks or months rather than years.

Industry Choice:       There are many different industries the home improvement business can be applicable too.  It has become more than just janitorial and handyman franchises.  Some examples are Garage Franchises, Remodeling, Painting, Junk-Hauling, BookKeeping, and Disaster Clean-Up to name a few.

Skill Sets:                   Home Improvement Franchises often lead towards the “Executive Style” of businesses where you “work on your business and not in your business.”  Because business doesn’t walk thru the front door like in a restaurant you have to go out and get that business.  Make sure you are comfortable with the sales and marketing side of business.  A person who wants to do the sales and marketing themselves and hire and supervise the operations side of the business is usually a good fit.  If you want to do the operations side of the business and hire out the marketing and sales side you probably won’t find a good fit in Home Improvement Franchises.

Fun:                            These businesses are often a lot of fun.  You have few employees, operate out of your home, make a big difference in your clients lives and homes and you’re not tied down to one location; but can move around as your clients are all over town.  It’s the freedom itself that makes these fun.

Growth:                      Growth is usually achievable by increasing your sales and marketing efforts.  This growth can be quite dramatic as there are few limits on how much business you can handle.  More business can be accommodated by adding equipment and employees.  It doesn’t take another building or a whole new operation.

For the entrepreneur who wants a low investment, few employees, likes sales and marketing, is looking for some fun and wants to grow a big business one truck, trailer or car at a time Home Improvement may be the place to look.

About Global Garage Flooring:

Global Garage Flooring & Design, www.globalgarageflooring.com,  was founded in Denver, CO in 2005.  This unique and proven franchise concept uses patented, proprietary products that are superior to the industry standard and make it possible for franchisees to complete a garage re-finish in only one day.

Lance Jensen, CEO, is an experienced franchise professional looking for qualified franchisees throughout the United States.

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