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How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Franchise

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As a franchise owner, you’ll need to build an effective team to help you meet your customers’ needs and your own goals. But how do you find and hire employees you can count on? Discover America’s Best Franchises’ top tips for hiring the best employees for your franchise.

Determine Your Needs

Before you can start hiring the best employees for your franchise, you need to assess what roles you need filled. For example, if your franchise opportunity affords you the freedom of semi-absentee or absentee ownership, you will need to find at least one manager to handle day-to-day operations. If you are a multi-unit franchisee, as your business grows, you will likely need more than one general manager, and possibly even regional managers.

If you choose to operate as an owner-operator, you will still need to hire someone to be your right-hand man and take on managerial tasks while you focus on the bigger picture of the business. Once you figure out the role, or roles, that you’re hiring for, you can tailor the process to fit your needs.

Find Great Job Candidates

In today’s digital age, job seekers turn to the internet to find their next employment opportunity. That means it’s a pretty good place for you to find them, too! It’s super easy. But, on the downside, there are so many jobs available to candidates that you have to be sure to stand out. Talk to your fellow franchisees and ask what keywords they use in their job postings that seem to catch candidates’ attention.

Even more important than creating a flashy job posting is creating an accurate one. You want the people that apply to your job to know that they have the skillset and experience it requires. If your job listing is too broad or inaccurate you likely aren’t going to get the applicants who would be the perfect fit. As you craft your posting, be sure to refer to the needs of your franchise employee.

Hire People You Can Trust

Regardless of the role you are hiring for, there are certain qualities that make for an excellent employee. Trustworthiness is at the top of that list. Especially for managerial roles that require you trust your employee to carry out business functions correctly, even when you’re not there. But even as we work our way down the ladder, you want to hire people you can trust. Your employees are the people who are fulfilling your — and your franchisor’s — promises to customers.

Asking behavioral questions during the interview process (i.e. “how would you react if this happened”) is a great way to gauge if your job candidate has the trustworthiness, temperament and people skills that your franchise requires.

You’re ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a business, including hiring the best employees. Now it’s time for you to find the franchise opportunity that allows you to realize your dreams of business ownership. Explore all of the franchises America’s Best Franchises has to offer.

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