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Just One Franchise: Wag ‘n’Wash

It’s no secret that many pet owners love to spoil their “children.” Wag N’ Wash markets directly to those customers who want to give their four-legged friends the best, healthiest life possible with pampering baths, toys, and healthy food and treats.

The goal is a health-focused pet store that is also fun, a community of pet owners rather than just a store. Each store has a strong local community focus, plus loyalty programs to keep customers coming in regularly.

The investment threshold for a Wag N’ Wash is higher than most other franchises that offer some of the same services. Franchisees are expected to have a net worth of at least $400,000, be willing to invest up to $650,000, and have $200,000 or more of on-hand cash for operational costs. With such high monetary requirements, franchisees should expect a high level of professionalism and branding. Wag N’ Wash delivers on these expectations.

A visit to the Wag N’ Wash website reveals a lot about their fun business approach. Plenty of dog pictures and a playful approach set the tone. There are lists of dog-friendly trails, pet owner resources, and special community events in the various franchise communities, and a photo contest

At Wag N’Wash, the goal is to make taking care of your dog as easy and fun as possible. Bathing your dog in the bathtub or in the yard can be a complete disaster, even with dogs that love being groomed. Drains can get clogged with fur and one escaped pooch can leave the whole house in a state. Wag N’ Wash has self-wash facilities to let customers groom their own dogs at the facility for a more manageable and yet affordable approach to caring for their dogs. They also provide traditional grooming services for customers who are pressed for time or who would rather leave it up to the professionals.

There are hundreds of brands of all-natural food at every Wag N’ Wash store, carefully selected for their appeal to pets and to their owners. Nutritionists are on hand to help guide pet owners towards better options for their pets — foods that help their dogs and cats stay as healthy as possible. As well as pre-made food, Wag N’ Wash franchisees also make homemade dog and cat treats daily, fresh out of the oven for purchase. Instead of smelling like a wet dog, their stores smell like fresh, delicious treats that make any dog happy.

Toys, special brands of pet “beauty products” with names like “Tidy Whitey” and “Smell You Later,” and dog gear from harnesses to sweaters make Wag N/Wash a one-stop shop for pet owners.

The payoff can be impressive: the average franchise location hits $1 million in revenue and many franchisees decide to open a second location after successfully opening a first because of the ease of operation and franchise system. Franchisees who open more than one location are the best testimonials a franchisor can have—they believe in the brand and have seen enough success to go in for another franchise.

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