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Planet Beach Spas Franchise

Planet Beach franchise When you think of spas, you may think of rich housewives spending their days in cushy bathrobes, faces covered in exotic muds, dishing out hundreds of dollars and giving whole days to the pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation. Planet Beach, a spa franchise, wants to change all that and bring the spa lifestyle to the masses with quick, affordable spa treatments..

The idea behind Planet Beach is that everyone can afford to take advantage of spa treatments that help them achieve results in skincare, wellness, and stress relief to look and feel their best. With monthly memberships, Planet Beach members have access to automated treatments — as much or as little as they’d like — for the cost of a daily cup of coffee. Other spas charge thousands of dollars for comparable services.

Planet Beach was known for tanning beds but the franchise has expanded to include more traditional spa offerings like facials, hydration treatments, teeth whitening, and meditation. The big difference? It’s automated.

The founder of Planet Beach speaks about the bold move to automated treatments, “Our industry was changing, demand for tanning was diminishing and demand for day spa services was increasing. It became very clear to me that we needed to reposition our brand to become a more successful franchise. We broke into an untapped niche with the Planet Beach automated spa concept.”

Planet Beach developed a unique approach to spa services with automated systems that allow members to use them with just the touch of a button. Instead of having to hire certified spa professionals to administer treatments, which increases the costs of owning a spa dramatically, franchisees purchase spa equipment instead. Members can access the services easily and quickly without spending a whole day at the spa. And because the overhead costs are low, memberships cost as much as a single spa treatment at other spas.

For some guests, the automation is a plus in that it offers greater privacy. For others, doing without the personal service by an aesthetist or other attendant seems thrifty and makes the spa experience feel like an affordable small luxury.

Planet Beach is very open from the beginning about what they expect from franchisees and what franchisees can expect from them. Planet Beach provides lots of information about their franchise, including information that’s often highly guarded until you’ve made a commitment of your own. Planet Beach wants franchisees who are motivated to succeed and to ensure that the information they provide about their franchise system resonates with potential franchisees. Planet Beach focuses on getting to the point and producing results. It’s a clear example of the basic philosophy behind their franchise model.

Even if you’re not interested in spa franchises in general, take a lesson from Planet Beach’s approach to finding franchisees. Does the franchise you’re looking at reflect their mission and practices in the marketing directed toward you as a potential franchisee? It’s a good sign if they do.

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