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Specialized Cleaning Franchises

Window_CleanerCleaning franchises continue to experience growth. We’ve given an overview of the cleaning category, and now we’ll look more closely at some specific kinds of cleaning service franchise opportunities.

There are dozens of general cleaning franchises to choose from and both local businesses and individuals offer competition, too. If you’re looking to open a cleaning franchise, you might want to consider a specialized franchise that covers a smaller niche of services that general cleaning franchises can’t. Not only will this limit competition, it also allows you to dominate more of the market at opening. You could have a successful business right out of the gate when you take care of an underserved market.

There are a lot of things general cleaning businesses don’t address well. Windows, for instance, are one thing many cleaning franchises and maid companies refuse to clean. While maids saying, “I don’t do windows!” in movies may seem haughty, it’s because they don’t have the skills or equipment to be able to clean windows. Windows can be dangerous to clean if you’re not a professional.

Fish Window Cleaning teaches franchisees how to run their business and manage staff with the skills to properly clean windows. With the concept of “teach a man to fish,” franchisees can expect support from the franchisor to access the ever growing window cleaning niche market. Professional window cleaners are often a family business where the cleaners also manage the business. With Fish Window Cleaning, however, the manager’s sole job is to manage the business so they can focus on business growth instead of just sustaining a small amount of business, giving Fish Windows an advantage over their competitors.

AdvantaClean bases their business on cleaning the air in buildings. Again, general cleaning franchises don’t have the specialized skills and equipment to take this on. To clean the air, AdvantaClean franchisees focus on duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, mold removal, and water damage mitigation. A SBA approved franchise, AdvantaClean helps franchisees get started fast, and their approach to marketing puts them in a completely different category from the typical cleaning woman or maid service.

Look beyond office buildings and homes, too — food businesses need professional cleaning services to meet health codes and remain safe. Hoodz Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning focuses on cleaning the hoods over kitchen cooktops and fryers in food service settings. It’s an important job because kitchens need to stay clean to stay operating and providing customers what they want as well as safe. Hoodz also prevents fires by keeping kitchen hood vents clean and helps business owners avoid the devastating effects of a fire in their business. As with the other examples, Hoodz franchises are not in direct competition with local cleaners.

There are countless options for niche cleaning businesses; these three are just examples. More specialized businesses can often charge more and have more opportunities to present themselves as experts. With a franchise, the air of expertise is there from the start.

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