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Just One Franchise: Rebounderz

Trampoline park franchises have been popping up around the country and for a good reason—they’re a highly adaptable business that has multiple revenue streams.

And also fun.

From family fun to fitness classes to corporate retreats, Rebounderz is a trampoline park franchise that has developed a smart way to keep activities fun and accessible for everyone and make money while doing it.

Inside a Rebounderz trampoline park franchise, you’ll find different jumping areas for different activities as well as game and birthday rooms and even a cafe. This level of variety in the facility itself enables a Rebounderz franchisee to give different entry points for spending money that enable all ages and abilities to participate in the fun. Instead of having to take business elsewhere for different aspects of a fun family evening out, Rebounderz allows a family to have a fun night entirely within the facility. For families with young children or elderly members, this ability to settle in one location rather than packing people up and moving from place to place is a strong selling point.

Rebounderz offers open jump times for anyone to participate, even little children in a special area, but also provides fitness classes that burn 1,000 calories in an hour and team building corporate events. Birthday parties provide another revenue stream. With this variety of target markets, someone is always going to be inside of Rebounderz at any given time paying for a franchisee’s services and access to the facility.

There are a number of different trampoline parks franchises out there but Rebounderz is known for safety. Since many people are hesitant to participate because of reports of at-home injuries on trampolines, this is another strong selling point. The trampolines Rebounderz franchisees use are made of steel and high quality materials to provide professional level safety far above the average at-home trampoline. Staff members keep a close eye on jumpers to make sure they are following all safety rules and not endangering themselves or others. Rebounderz also provides helmets and special shoes for participants for added safety.

Even if you’re not looking for a trampoline franchise, the main traits of Rebounderz can help you figure out more about the franchises you’re considering. Look at some of the advantages to the franchisee:

  • Having different types of clientele helps you stay busy, even if there are seasonal variations in one group.
  • Since you don’t have all your eggs in one basket, you’re better able to weather storms or deal with changes in the economy or in consumer preferences.
  • You can become more profitable faster by attracting different groups of people in small numbers at first and then building up to larger volume for each group.
  • Since Rebounderz handles two of the primary objections up front, consumers are less likely to find reasons not to join in the fun.
  • Liability issues are less of a danger for franchisees than they might be, since safety measures are taken and all participants sign waivers before jumping.

A close look at the franchise business opportunity you’re considering can help you see the strong points — and any aspects of the franchise that might make it a bad fit for you. 

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