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Why Entrepreneurs Decide to Buy a Franchise vs. Launching a Startup


Buying a franchise can be an exciting, liberating, and lucrative experience. But it’s still a big change to go from an enterprising employee to owning your own business, no matter what franchise opportunity you’re interested in. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you get started.

Entrepreneurs often decide to buy a franchise after weighing the pros and cons of investing in one versus starting their own business venture. While some may have that grandiose passion for launching a startup and want the freedom to do it on their own, franchise owners benefit from joining an established business model that has already generated profits through a proven strategy for success.

In the end, entrepreneurs become franchise owners because:

  • Franchise models offer more stability. 
  • Most franchise models have a tried and true operating system of doing business.
  • Franchisees will have an opportunity to network with other successful franchisees.

Live Hydration Spa


Other Advantages of Buying A Franchise

  1. Being the Boss

It’s the American dream, being your own boss. You have no one to answer to, no corporate ladder to climb, no forced pay cuts or skimpy bonuses – as long as your franchise succeeds.

  1. Built-In Market Demand

Franchise owners can count on an established customer base for their product or service. That, along with the proven operational concept, can help your business take off faster, with less risk.

  1. Low Costs, High Margins

The streamlined operational platform of a franchise helps keep costs manageable. The established concept that’s already proven itself makes lenders more willing to finance your investment if needed, which will also make for a smooth launch process.

  1. Extensive Support Network

Being part of a franchise is like being part of a big family. Other franchisees as well as marketing and development teams and business consultants for the entire system are at your disposal to help out if the going gets tough. 

What Franchise Model is Popular in Today’s Environment: Health and Wellness

One of the hottest franchise industries for entrepreneurs right now is  health and wellness. Why? Two reasons:

  • Americans are prioritizing their well-being now more than ever before
  • The franchise industry is responding with increasingly popular wellness concepts

Here are just a few of the best health and wellness concepts that are getting a lot of attention.

ICEBOX Cryotherapy – the leading provider of non-invasive cold therapy for athletic recovery, pain management, and overall health, beauty, and wellness.

Live Hydration Spa – IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy is one of the fastest growing healthcare services. We offer a successful membership program for client retention in this cash based wellness franchise business. 

4Ever Young – One of the top health & wellness franchise brands focusing on personal care, anti-aging, and beauty for entrepreneurs passionate about personal wellness and anti-aging solutions.

Looking for tips on owning a health and wellness franchise? Find them here.

Find a Franchise That’s A Perfect Fit

Becoming a business owner is a big deal. With thousands of available business and franchise opportunities for sale, finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task.

America’s Best Franchises is here to help you narrow your search based on budget, location, skills, and passion.  We focus on you – your interests, your capabilities, your goals, your needs – enabling you to discover the franchise you didn’t even know you’ve been dreaming about.

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