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Are Vending Machine Franchises the Future?

For entrepreneurs looking to buy into a franchise opportunity without it requiring 40 or more hours of work a week and a major cash outlay, vending machine franchises provide the right opportunity. Because they require little maintenance or time spent, and typically require only a modest cash investment, they can be great passive income producers.

Vending Machines: Not Just for Soda Anymore

Gone are the days when “vending machine” meant a sugary Coke and a bag of chips. In fact, many institutions have done away with machines that sell unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks and are replacing them with vending machines that offer healthier options, like vegetable chips and nuts.



With the rise of healthy eating in America and beyond, we’re seeing some significant changes in the vending machine franchise industry. Vending machine franchises like Healthier4U and Naturals2Go Vending are capitalizing on the fact that Americans want to eat healthier by providing more variety of premier health food items with a high profit margin.

Entertainment is in On the Action, Too

But vending machines don’t stop at selling food and beverages. You’ve likely walked past a DVD rental kiosk recently. You may have even rented a DVD from one. While video rental stores are all but a relic of the past, franchises like DVDNow have found a cozy little niche to serve those people who enjoy renting movies in DVD form.

Cash in on Cash

Let’s not forget the one commodity that will never go out of fashion: cash. ATMs are yet another vending machine franchise that provide serious profitability with little outlay or effort. ATM franchises like ACFN provide full- and part-time franchising opportunities, and you never have to worry about your inventory getting stale.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Vending Machine Franchise

If you like the idea of buying into a proven business idea but aren’t ready for the responsibility, investment, or energy involved in a full-on brick-and-mortar business, a vending machine franchise may provide the flexibility, at a lower investment, that you’re seeking.

Your main effort, once you have placed your vending machines in high-traffic areas, is visiting them on a regular basis to restock inventory, collect revenue, and ensure that the machines are running properly. This is something you can do yourself or outsource.

And the fact that many vending machine franchisees own multiple vending machines shows that the sky’s the limit when it comes to how profitable this niche can be for you!

While other types of franchises may prove to be trends over time, vending machine franchises have longevity in their proven ability to appeal to mass markets and provide substantial profit for you as a franchisee.

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