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Franchise for Sale: Signal 88

logo_signal-88-securityHe’s a common figure in  the movies: a security guard dozing on the job, allowing the intruders to slip completely undetected into secure areas. This isn’t always fiction. Accountability is a big issue in the industry. After all, security staff are at your business when everyone else is gone, and they have free range of the place to do what they like. It’s essential for a business or a homeowner to feel completely confident about their security staff.

Another problem with the security industry is that not all businesses can afford to hire a full-time security personnel to monitor the location. The alternative to a person monitoring the location is a security system — but these often result in false alarms. In fact, some police departments report that 80% of all security alarms are false alarms in their areas. Police charge businesses fees for responding to false alarms and over time that can really add up. Human monitoring is much more effective because humans can notice things that a camera won’t catch, and look at evidence of a break-in to figure out what’s going on. Human security staff are more expensive than machines, though — hence the problem.

Signal 88, a security services franchise, aims to answer these two problems. One of our top franchises, Signal 88 was founded by a police officer, Shea Degan, after his off-duty security consultation business grew too large in Omaha, Nebraska. After developing a unique approach to the problems in the security industry, Shea decided to expand the business through franchising.

Intelliguide is the core of all Signal 88’s offerings. An online system that both patrol units and customers can access, Intelliguide lets officers electronically post updates about their tasks in real time and verify their location with GPS tracking. Instead of having to wait for updates the next day, customers can check at any time on their patrol services. Checks can also be saved for later review. This not only provides accountability, but also assurance to customers that their money is being well spent.

The second problem of not having the assets to hire a full-time security patrol is solved by Signal 88’s unique approach to monitoring multiple properties by roving between locations. Instead of hiring someone to monitor a single location, Signal 88 spreads out the cost among multiple clients, keeping businesses secure without breaking the bank. The Roving Vehicle Patrols are highly visible, highly recognizable vehicles that create a deterrent to crime, while the security workers in the vehicles are always online using the electronic tools.

The company also offers bike and foot patrols for situation where these services are needed. Since they market to apartment complexes, retail malls, and a variety of other markets, this flexibility increases your opportunities as a franchise.

Successful franchisees typically come from backgrounds in the military, police, or even management but don’t need to have a great sales background to be top franchisees. The Signal 88 system provides training for sales, plus electronic tools to manage the business easily. Signal 88 is one of the top franchises for veterans and was in the top 10% of rankings by GI Jobs.

If you’re considering a career in security services, be sure to consider Signal 88 as a franchise option.

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