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Who We Are

Signal 88 is the #1 provider for physical security and mobile patrols in a variety of property segments. We’ve achieved this success through local franchise ownership, technology and a national brand presence supported by headquarters, called the Franchise Group. In franchising, a local entrepreneur is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. With a team of 50+ highly-engaged staff at the Franchise Group, Signal 88 franchisees have access to business coaching and support in marketing, sales, operations, technology, payroll, billing, compliance, and accounting. Signal 88 was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, by a deputy sheriff in 2003 and launched its franchise offering in 2008. Signal 88 now has over 120 owners operating in 350+ territories in the United States Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Why Signal 88?

As a Signal 88 Security partner, you bring peace of mind to your customers and your community, allowing them – and you – to pursue passion in life. For our international franchise partners, Signal 88 becomes a way to achieve control over their lives and enables them to spend more time participating in what’s most meaningful to them. They represent a brand of true difference and meaning in the industry and in their communities. Passion for their business, community, and family are key factors that drive the achievement of a Signal 88 franchise partner. Along with the support of our corporate office, these elements combine to create what we believe is unstoppable momentum toward success.

Signal 88 Franchise For Sale


The Industry

What do people really want from a security company? Peace of mind. Security matters to everyone who lives, works, plays, shops, and does business in our communities. Security is a needed, recession-resistant service, thereby creating the opportunity for our franchise partners to build sustainable and scalable businesses. We believe that through the services we provide, creating peace of mind is an opportunity without limits. It is an industry that our people are proud to be in.

The security industry is made up primarily of large, global competitors and local sole proprietors. This leaves a large gap in the middle, and this is where Signal 88 finds its unique niche. While many providers of security were founded decades ago, Signal 88 was born during the technology age. Accordingly, our modern service model is centered upon cutting-edge technology and the people who use it. This is a modern approach to a very old, but growing, industry. And we are achieving success!

Signal 88 FranchiseProfile of a Signal 88 Franchise Owner

The ideal Signal 88 Franchise Owner is a “team captain.” The captain is proud to be a part of the Signal 88 brand, always representing with integrity. They achieve success by learning our playbook – the Signal 88 business model – and building a team of well-trained officers who will execute it to perfection. They are unrelenting in building a culture of excellence, professionalism, and respect. The result is an extraordinary experience for every client and authentic security for the Franchisee and their community alike.

Next Steps

Making the decision to begin your Signal 88 Hero’s journey will undoubtedly change your future. Our Mutual Evaluation Process will ensure that beginning a partnership together is the right fit for both of us. This process generally takes 60 to 90 days.


Signal 88 Security Franchise
Day in the life of a Signal 88 franchise owner

“We truly feel that being a part of the Signal 88 team is one of the best personal and business decisions we have ever made.”

Kris and Traci Withrow

Franchisees Wichita, KS

“After a ton of hard work, and outstanding support from the Franchise Group, our growth has been unbelievable. By following the system put in place by the Franchise Group and surrounding ourselves with great people, we exceeded our 5 year financial goals within the first 2 years. I am so grateful that I decided to become a part of the Signal 88 family, and I am excited for all of the great things the future has to hold.”

Donnie Saucier

Franchisee New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL

“Signal 88 Security is a proven concept that works. The Signal 88 Franchise Group provides the necessary support each franchise needs for success. The business model allows the owner to concentrate on sales and operations. From the beginning, the Franchise Group has been with us every step of the way and is a valued partnership for us.”

Jeff Carlyle, Mark McClure and Rick Dunn


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