Sir Grout

Sir Grout Franchise

Sir Grout is not only a fantastic choice for your first franchise, but the success you can achieve as a Sir Grout Franchise owner allows you the flexibility to open more than one franchise.

SIR GROUT Franchise Opportunity

Grout, Tile, Stone & Wood Restoration Specialists

SIR GROUT® offers its owners multiple revenue streams – it’s like having five franchises for the price of one! We are the first home services franchise to offer grout and tile restoration, stone restoration, no sanding wood floor restoration, bathroom remodeling and slip resistance applications to the consumer and commercial markets

  • 5 Franchises for the price of one – Grout & Tile Restoration, Stone Restoration, Slip Resistant Applications, High Durability Coatings
  • One of the Highest ROI Franchises in the Home Services Industry
  • World Class Training & Support – Sir Grout is with you every step of the way
  • Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Ranked – Sir Grout has been one of the leading home improvement franchise for 11 years. We are #1 in the Grout Cleaning category.

Sir Grout Franchise

One of the Hottest Home Improvement Franchises Available Today!

The demand for hard surface restoration is only increasing!

Thousands of square meters of tile and stone are being installed every day nationwide and will eventually need restoration services. Therefore, the demand for hard surface restoration services is ever-growing, making them more profitable than many other home services. With a relatively small investment, you will get a tried-and-true business model that offers multiple revenue streams, setting you on the path to a high return on investment.

5 Franchises for the Price of 1

Sir Grout provides not only one but five key hard surface restoration services that are in high demand given the need for homeowners, business owners, and brokers or real estate agents to maintain or increase their property’s value.

  1. Grout & Tile Restoration
  2. Stone Restoration
  3. No Sanding Wood Floor Restoration
  4. Slip Resistant Applications
  5. High Durability Coatings

Sir Grout Franchise


  1. We are an Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Company and one of the lowest cost franchises compared to the size of the financial return. Many of our owners recoup their investment in the first year.
  2. We are a breeding ground for successful franchises.
  3. We have one of the highest franchise retention rates in the industry at 94% over the past 15 years.
  4. Virtually all franchises have increased revenues year over year.
  5. Every year we set new revenue records.
  6. 43% of our franchise owners own at least 2 franchises.
  7. The founders are still the main part of your training and day to day support. What you see is what you get!
  8. We are an innovation machine. We have announced a new product or service every year for the past 10 years.
  9. Community is a real thing at Sir Grout. Our owners and founders all work as a community to assist in your success. We all believe the success of the brand depends on everyone involved. Just ask any of our owners.
  10. We provide extensive training, marketing support, and an in-house business center that will take care of answering your calls and setting appointments so you can focus on running your business.


At Sir Grout, we have been able to successfully expand our business model nationally and internationally with over 45 locations in the United States. If you’re a creative starter and want to be your own boss and work towards financial and personal independence, Sir Grout is the franchise for you.

Why Sir Grout Franchise leads to your success!

Purchasing a Sir Grout franchise has been a great investment for me. Starting the business right out of college, I was new to everything that I had to take in. Jeff and Tom gave me everything I needed to succeed and make the business work. When you compare Sir Grout to the competition, you can immediately understand the difference and the track that this company is headed on. The growth is exciting for all of us. Keep up the good work!

Brian Simonitsch

Phoenix, Arizona

Jeff and Tom have been a pleasure to work with throughout this entire process; They are always accessible, helpful and eager to assist in every way. The advertising partnerships they have developed have been a tremendous help and offered excellent savings. As a franchisee, it’s important to have faith in the franchise partners and these two have made the success of their franchisees their top priority.

Tim O'Leary

White Plains, NY

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