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Splash and Dash Franchise

Today, Splash and Dash has pet grooming franchise locations across the United States and Australia. We’ve made the INC 500 list twice and have been recognized as one of the top franchise opportunities in the pet business! As one of the fastest-growing franchises sweeping the country, we empower passionate entrepreneurs.

Splash and Dash Franchise Overview


Have you ever had your dog groomed at a big box store? There’s something completely unsatisfactory about handing your baby off to a 17-year-old with acne and a bad attitude. The fact is, most pet stores only see their customers for a few minutes every few months.

Splash and Dash monthly memberships encourage frequent visits!  That’s why we actually get quality face time with our customers multiple times per month.

For you, that means countless opportunities to interact with your customers, build trust and loyalty, and sell our quality in-store dog grooming supplies and products.

Splash and Dash Franchise


  • Recurring revenue model, compounding month after month.
  • Signature monthly bath service and other predictable revenue opportunities.
  • Powerful branding and a superior boutique environment.
  • Proven marketing strategies from an award winning team.
  • Proprietary software exclusively designed for our business and our four-legged clients.
  • Ongoing training and support for owners and their employees.
  • Led and directed by the founder, Dan Barton, nationally recognized as The Pet Business Coach.
  • Unique, engaging, and profitable career opportunity.

Splash and Dash Franchise

Why Recurring Revenue is Instrumental for Franchise Owners?

  • Dependable and predictable revenue.
  • Brand enthusiasts form naturally within communities.
  • Increased frequency of customer visits.
  • Decreased risk enables your pet store franchise business to scale.
  • Customers prefer the convenience and familiarity.
  • Ease of scheduling.
  • Consistency in service.

Splash and Dash Franchsie


Whether you’re an experienced business owner or are learning as you go, Splash and Dashis here to help you master the daily difficulties of owning a pet grooming store. You can count on us to provide you with ongoing support and optimized systems proven to increase profits and decrease headaches.

  • Training & Development – Our master trainers are standing by to ensure that you and your staff can always meet our superior grooming standards. We provide a week-long starter course for new franchise owners, as well as regional workshops and conferences. Splash and Dash will also help you with the business skills required to provide superior customer service, manage a vibrant staff, and manage the day-to-day operations of your pet store franchise.
  • Superior Marketing – Want access to marketing materials that have already been tested and proven to bring in new customers? As a Splash and Dash member, marketing support comes standard. That said, we won’t box in your marketing strategies. After all, you know your market better than anyone! That’s why we provide our resources to help you create custom-designed marketing materials for your area. We’ll also provide you with multiple options for utilizing corporate-level and local social media platforms, and even provide guidance for getting recognized by local media outlets.
  • POS & Management Software – At Splash and Dashwe’ve found that our franchise owners are capable of managing and optimizing nearly every aspect of their business. But we also make it easier with proprietary software designed to help you get through daily tasks more efficiently. From back end bookkeeping, to customer management, our software will help you run the most efficient pet grooming store in town.


We rely on passionate, driven, result-oriented franchisees who are ready to start, grow, and thrive with our proven business model.

Most of our pet grooming franchise owners are looking for a business opportunity with HUGE growth potential. They’re capable and confident managers who know how to delegate effectively and have the social skills to work directly with their customers.

Our franchise owners love owning a Splash and Dash Groomerie and Boutique because they get to enjoy the personal autonomy of running their own business, without going it alone. If you choose to start a franchise with Splash and Dash, we’ll help you succeed from day one.

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Why Own A Splash and Dash Franchise
Splash and Dash Recession Resilient

Allison and Scott, both lifelong pet lovers, are a family team at the Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique.
When we found Splash and Dash Groomerie and Boutiques, we knew that we had found the next leg of our journey. We chose Splash and Dash because of the family values that we both share. Splash and Dash treats pets as family and we do too!
“Once we found Splash and Dash, we knew we’d found the perfect fit for us and for the community we envisioned bringing it to!”

Allison and Scott B.

Splash and Dash franchise owner - Southern Pines, N.C.

I had a dream to own something pet-related, escaping from the corporate world. My previous profession was horrible. They have been laying off in the company for the past 8 years. After this happened, it was clear. I wanted to pursue my interest in starting my own Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. I wanted to become my own business owner. My husband agreed, and I pursued my dream.


Splash and Dash franchise owner - Des Plaines, IL

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