Fitness Machine Technicians

Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise

Fitness Machine Technicians franchise owners specialize in the maintenance and repair of fitness equipment for commercial and home exercise facilities.

Our franchised owners can be owner manager or investment managers with a general manager to oversee day-to-day operations including field techs and office staff.

Why Become a Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise Owner?


As a service based franchise, we don’t have many of the expenses that burden the brick and mortar franchise owners.

The benefits are:

  • You can work from a home-based office or small leased space (500sf).
  • You can lease or buy your technicians’ field vehicles.
  • Inventory is on demand direct from suppliers as needed for repairs, so minimal storage space is needed.


As a Fitness Machine Technicians owner, you have control over your business development using our proven systems and processes.

Streamlined operations include:

  • A comprehensive field service management system
  • A preventive maintenance contract template with a pricing calculator.
  • Comprehensive database of manufacturers
  • Grand opening marketing plan and ongoing support


Our simple, turn-key business model makes the business easy to run and sell to a wide range of clients, both residential and commercial.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has strong networking skills
  • Is familiar with the residential and commercial make-up of his or her community
  • Has a passion for owning a business that they can easily scale.

“I chose FMT because I liked the business model, the founder and his team.  The industry is recession proof and equipment will always need to be fixed. While repair service is the core business for FMT, its people ae what set the brand apart from not only the industry, but also other franchises.  Drew Martin,  Fitness Machine Technicians, Dallas

Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise


  • Corporate – Insurance costs are through the roof. Companies have invested large dollar amounts on exercise equipment in order to keep their employees healthy so it’s important to keep your equipment healthy too.
  • Health Clubs – You make your living selling memberships to your health club. We understand that having a piece of equipment down causes the gym owner/manager a bunch of headaches. We have worked with the largest clubs to keep their problems to a minimum.
  • Hotels & Condos – Residents and guests pay a great deal for their space and expect great service. We understand that having a piece of equipment broken is disturbing to paying residents. Keep your residents and guests happy by keeping the equipment tuned. A Preventive Maintenance Contract will help.
  • Education – Schools are competing for students every day, and many students take their exercising seriously. While taking a tour, the last thing you want a prospective student to notice is a room full of “Out of Order” signs. We also take our work seriously to keep those “Out of Order” signs out of your school.
  • Residential – You bought a piece of equipment so you can workout at home. You get into a routine. Out of the blue, the equipment breaks and you cannot exercise anymore and your routine is broken. This does not make you happy at all. We understand your frustration and will do everything in our power to quickly get it up and running again.

FMT is always looking for ways to help us succeed, and is always available to us for a phone call or anything else. It is in the end that level of personal service and dedication to us that makes the difference.

Colm O'Mara

Fitness Machine Technicians, New York

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