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Blue Coast has become the most trusted national organization in business savings consulting, and the most unique business model in the country. You can WORK FROM HOME and provide the largest portfolio of cost-cutting B2B savings services available. Our work at home business model has become very popular across America.


Blue Coast Savings Consultants FranchiseOur Business is saving companies money all over America and companies are calling us for help like never before!

That’s why Profit Consulting is the best business model in the country hands down. We either FIND SAVINGS for companies OR there is NO FEE. We have the largest suite of B2B services in the country—Exactly what C-level executives want and need in order to reach peak profitability.

There are 32 Million Businesses in America alone. They all have expenses that they are overpaying and they need your help now.

Blue Coast is the only company that can undertake our results performance services with every business and every industry in the country. Best of all this is done from your home office.

We have the best, easiest and smartest business model… hands down. WHY?

Companies aren’t spending money in the current economic environment—they are trying to save it or even survive.

We solve problems for companies they can’t solve themselves and we do it without risk—We find savings within their current expenditures or there is No Fee. We do this without switching their vendors or suppliers. Our 100% performance driven business will engage your clients, especially now.

Blue Coast Savings Franchise


We are the future for consultants and their clients. We analyze every general ledger expense that a client has, including contracts, and benchmark that against our $6 trillion data lake, consisting of data from 10 million+ companies, to help save clients money—every time.

We bring AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is FAR BEYOND Auditing and a $6 trillion data lake against 10 million businesses to optimize every company’s general ledger with over a 100 + saving categories.

With Blue Coast Savings, you can:

  • Earn profits now while getting monthly residuals for 3-10 years or more.
  • Designed to work alongside your day job to get out of it.
  • Scalable business model to reach your income objectives.
  • Recession-Proof Business.
  • No brick and mortar required.
  • No employees.
  • No expensive franchise fees.
  • No big overhead/inventory.
  • Work PT/FT-Flex time whatever suits you best.
  • No territories-consult WORLDWIDE.

Residuals are the smartest way to make money.

Our flagship services pay monthly residuals for a decade or more and best of all only doing the work only once. Our advisors come here to make this their career and retirement.

Why? What makes more sense doing the work ONCE or working for somebody else the next 10 years and 77,000 hours with no job security to match it?

We bring old school into new business environment so you can use your professional background successfully.

Blue Coast Savings is a better and smarter business model:


  • Billion dollars partner companies that present and help do the rest while you maintain the client relationship allowing you to get paid monthly for years.
  • Ongoing Training for the lifetime of your business.
  • Assigned account executives that do all the work with you and present and collect data.
  • Customized website and business savings assessment tool with celebrity on it available.
  • State of the art back offices, tracking of all your deals giving you transparency in your business.
  • The most scalable and customized business plan for each advisor, no caps and no limits on income.
  • Multiple marketing options and channel referral partner programs to expand your business available.
  • Simplest business model that exists, no selling you set up a discovery calls and work with our billion-dollar partners.
  • And much more. There is no business or franchise model that can comes close.


We only work with the best because we have the best. That’s what makes our team model work.

We have a lot of fun helping companies save money and they need you NOW. If you are a do it yourself, not teachable and not a team player no need to apply.

Once qualified, you’ll talk to our business owners and we will walk you through the most extraordinary services that exist in America. Be smart and take action to see if you qualify.

Are you ready to succeed with Blue Coast Savings Consultants?


I have been very impressed with the caliber of training resources and people I have encountered during my Blue Coast on-boarding process. As I have soaked up information from calls, met with partners and interacted with other advisors, the passion and dedication that exists for helping new advisors succeed is evident. If you will commit the time and effort, you can learn a lot about the business in just a few short weeks. It is clear Blue Coast is invested in helping its advisors – old and new – continually rise to new levels, and they go to great lengths to make that possible. Thanks!

Melissa U.

Blue Coast Savings Franchise Owner - California

Two and a half years ago I found Blue Coast and immediately realized what a perfect business model it was. Contingent based services with no risk and the ability to help all business owners and commercial property owners save or make money. It doesn’t take much to realize this model is a win/win situation. The Blue Coast team has always been incredibly supportive every step of the way. I feel like Blue Coast is not just an expense reduction, cost recovery company, it’s family. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this great team.

Andy S.

Blue Coast Savings Franchise Owner

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