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Joe Homebuyer Franchise

Joe HomeBuyer franchise owners are different from being a real estate agent.  We are direct home buyers. Essentially, we help sellers of real estate find creative solutions to selling their property. Further, Joe HomeBuyer franchise owners will help with moving logistics or transporting vehicles. We will do everything we can to make the transition run smoothly.

Joe HomeBuyer Franchise Investment Opportunity

Joe Homebuyer is a turnkey real estate acquisition franchise. Our franchisees operate their businesses to provide real estate solutions by buying, fixing, and wholesaling residential properties. With or without prior real estate experience, we will guide you through the entire process from marketing to close. Joe Homebuyer provides win-win creative solutions for homeowners who would benefit from a quick, no hassle cash offer.

Joe HomeBuyer Franchise


As a Joe Homebuyer franchisee you will oversee your business’s general operations including executing your marketing plan, approving budgets, meeting with sellers, determining the best exit strategy for each property and managing your business’s KPI’s.

A Joe Homebuyer franchise is a very low overhead and low employee-based business.

Joe HomeBuyer FranchiseWho is Joe Homebuyer?

  • Turnkey real estate acquisition franchise.
  • Distressed property acquisition.
  • Joe Homebuyer provides win-win creative solutions for homeowners who would benefit from a quick, no hassle cash offer.

Why Joe Homebuyer?


  • Highly leverageable real estate model.
  • Provide solutions for distressed homeowners.
  • Acquire discounted properties off-market.


  • Customized marketing support.
  • Locate discounted single and Multi-family properties.
  • Learn how to acquire discounted rental properties without your own money.


  • Full training and support provided.
  • Coaching includes marketing and exit strategies.
  • Ongoing support as your business scales.

Joe HomeBuyer Franchise

How Our Process Works

  • Tell us about the property and your unique situation
  • We’ll review the property details and consider all possible solutions
  • If a direct sale proves to be the best choice, we will provide you with a no-obligation offer
  • If you accept, we will be ready to close with a reputable, local title company in as little as 7 days!

Timeframe:  After your property information is submitted, typically, an offer will be sent to you within 24 hours! If the offer is accepted, we are able to close in just 7 days! Imagine being free of burdensome property in just one week! It is our commitment and highest priority to cater to your individual needs and only do what will be in your best interests for your particular situation. Therefore,  we will always work on your terms, and will close on any day of your choosing.

Ideal Candidate

  • Do you have a passion for real estate?
  • Are you willing to go above and beyond for the property seller?
  • As you scale, can you manage a small team?
  • Are you ambitious and flexible?
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