Balloon Kings

Balloon Kings Franchise

Balloon Kings transforms humble balloons into works of art that captivate audiences and elevate celebrations to new heights. Join us as we unravel the boundless potential of Balloon Kings and discover how you can become a part of this dynamic and thriving community.

Balloon Kings Franchise Overview

Balloon Kings is a leading, New York-based, full- service balloon retailer specializing in balloon arrangements and décor for events and special occasions.

Balloon Kings® is a brick and mortar business which accepts a combination of in store walk-in sales, phone and online orders.

Locations require just 500 usable square feet of space to support all in-store operations including a sales desk, balloon storage, inflation stations, a staging area, an employee pantry, a lavatory, and an optional private office.

With over 10 years in the balloon industry, Balloon Kings provides our franchisees everything they need to help them start their own business and make their balloon store thrive.

Balloon Kings Franchise

Why Franchise With Balloon Kings?

  • Proven store model and success since 2011
  • Experienced and knowledgeable management team
  • Low investment with high returns
  • Turn key set up
  • Can be up and running within 3 months
  • Expert design consultation and construction support
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Operational simplicity
  • Best in class website enabling 24/7 online sales
  • Recycleable and biodegradable products
  • Reliable supply chain

Balloon Kings Franchise

Why the Balloon Business?

Event Marketing Is A Growth Business.

An estimated $900 billion is spent annually by consumers on seasonal events, gifts and non-gift purchases such as event décor. The growth in the events realm can be attributed to the growing trend for experiences. Millennials, who make up one third of the US population today are fueling the “experiential” boom. In addition to quelling their fear of missing out (commonly known as FOMO) and addressing a need to de-device, the majority of Millennials believe that by attending or hosting events they become more connected to other people and generate a feel-good sense of community. Experiential events, by nature, are rich in sensory cues such as sight, sound, touch and taste, so not surprisingly, events are also great for sharing on social media.

Given the rise in events and the ever-increasing spend on all things experiential, now is the perfect time to get into an area of eventing that offers both fun and financial reward: balloon décor.

Balloon Kings Franchise


We provide comprehensive training to help ensure your kingdom flourishes.

Our franchisees are assigned a high-touch, dedicated training team, responsible for seamlessly transferring our years of proven retail experience, and 100% committed to your success!


Balloon Kings® gives you several unique competitive advantages, one of which is our ongoing marketing support. Balloon Kings® approach to “getting the word” out will include a variety of methods, programs and community initiatives.

You are never alone, our experienced Brand Development Team will assist you in developing a plan that’s right for your market and growth goals.


Balloon Kings® is seeking franchisees that are committed to providing nothing but the most positive and unique customer experience. Our ideal franchisee is focused on executing the Balloon Kings® brand culture by living up to the Balloon Kings® mission. Franchisees must demonstrate a track record of success and have the necessary financial qualifications.

Bring your dedication, passion and enthusiasm. The heavy lifting is done for you. Policies, procedures and easy to follow guidelines are in place for you to follow!

Join the Balloon Kings Family

Balloon Kings offers more than just a franchise opportunity – it offers a chance to be part of something greater. With its proven success, creative freedom, and supportive community, Balloon Kings empowers franchisees to unleash their potential, pursue their passions, and build thriving businesses that bring joy to countless lives.

By joining Balloon Kings, franchisees gain access to a proven business model, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer to the industry, Balloon Kings provides the platform and resources you need to succeed.

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