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Why settle for a non-medical/staffing franchise with a restricted revenue stream? Since 2001 providing multi-dimensional, full-service personal health care. Great territories available. Healthcare experience not required!

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Accessible Home Health Care FranchiseYour Success is Our Personal Priority

It has never been the objective of Accessible Home Health Care to be the fastest growing franchise system. Our focus is in being the best most innovative home healthcare company.

In the end this is of much greater value and benefit to you as a franchisee than being part of a company whose chief concern is how quick they are selling more franchises.

Why Accessible Home Health Care Franchise

  • The availability of highly lucrative territories in major markets.
  • Maximum multiple revenue streams
  • The ability to provide all levels of care including medical and non-medical care as well as Medicare certification in all markets where Medicare is available thus making you a true full service provider and in turn, substantially increasing your revenue potential.

Accessible Home Health Care FranchiseAccessible is the only company fully capable and equipped to assist you in becoming a Medicare certified provider.

This allows you to be able to tap into the entire industry not a mere fraction.

The ability to provide supplemental medical staffing to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Do not limit yourself to a non-medical companion company with restricted revenue streams.

Full Assistance With Licensing

We complete the licensing process in its entirety for you to include filling out the forms, writing customized manuals to meet your state’s requirements and being available online while you go through your licensing survey.

How effective is our licensing program? In more than 11 years of franchising we have never failed to get a franchisee licensed to the maximum extent permissible in their state.

We assist you in full with obtaining Joint Commission Accreditation.

Complete back office services for billing and payroll.

Accessible Home Health Care FranchiseWith us handling your back office services it frees up your time to focus on marketing, recruiting caregivers and servicing your patients thus increasing your revenues.

  • Provide complete initial training included with your franchise fee, as well as unlimited ongoing support for the full duration that you are a franchisee.
  • When you become a franchisee we work to get you listed and credentialed as an in-network provider with more than 100 major insurance companies and third party benefit administrators.
  • We provide complete operations, policies and procedures manuals designed to help you anticipate and manage through a wide range of contingencies.
  • While you are a franchisee there are never additional expenses for our support… For example, there are no separate charges for making phone calls to our support and management team (unlike several of our competitors).

What Sets Accessible Home Health Care Apart?

We believe the quality of our people reflects the quality of our company thus we have programs in place to ensure that we hire and retain only the finest caregivers.

Accessible Home Health Care FranchiseAs a franchisee you will be provided our customized Access system for business management.

  • Most importantly, you will never be alone. When you contact Accessible for support you will always be speaking with people you know … and people who know you. This is unlike other companies that operate call centers to support franchisees. Each person at Accessible who speaks with you will be a thoroughly experienced home healthcare professional
  • Privately owned by original ownership not venture capitalists
  • The original founders are integrally involved in the day to day operations of the company
  • As a franchisee you will have direct access to them.
  • Specialized marketing programs including our Bullseye of marketing and JumpStart 36
  • Our Access Edge system for success which gives you an edge over your competition.

Our business model has been tested, proven and refined over time. But that’s not enough. We are constantly improving and evolving so that it continues to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

If you enjoy helping people, and are willing to work hard in return for tremendous success and prosperity, then an Accessible Home Health Care franchise may be the perfect vehicle for you to realize your dreams. Looking for those ready to get started making a difference now.

It’s great to be in a business where you can serve all potential patients while being profitable.

Bill Hughes

Accessible Home Health Care Franchise Owner - Lexington, KY

Accessible’s focus on local community involvement has given our unit a competitive advantage. Our involvement in the health care and business community has a direct relationship on our revenue increases.

Angie Burger

Accessible Home Health Care Franchise Owner - Des Moines, Iowa

Our success is embedded in our mission to be the best national full-service home health care company.

Mirella Salem

President, Accessible Home Health Care

Accessible’s expertise was critical in acquiring my state license. The corporate office prepared all the documents as well as the policies and procedure manuals needed to get me in business.

Sameer Jani

Accessible Home Health Care Franchise Owner - Northern New Jersey

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