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In light of COVID-19, finding additional staff to meet the volume of patients’ needs in an expert and efficient manner is of upmost importance to healthcare facilities. They do not want their resources, standards, or quality of the workforce at their facility to be compromised by being overly taxed physically or emotionally. Medical Staffing Consultants is working on a daily basis to alleviate this burden for healthcare facilities. In fact, supplemental staffing agencies have never been busier than during the COVID-19 epidemic.


Building Innovative Medical Staffing Companies… A Proven, Unique Model for Success


Since 2003, Medical Staffing Consultants (MSC) Has assisted entrepreneurs in launching, operating and growing successful medical staffing and recruitment companies. We are still the only non-franchise company in the industry, and our network of clients has grown to over 250.

MSC’s proven, unique business model, and turn-key programs, based on more than 30 years industry expertise, offer individuals with no previous experience, the opportunity to successfully capitalize on the national shortage of healthcare professionals.

Medical Staffing Consultants Franchise

Why Own a Medical Staffing Business?

Medical staffing agencies are the only resource that hospitals can use to add to their staff without halting operations.

Whether you are considering starting a medical staffing agency or want to strengthen your current operation, expert insight is key.

At Medical Staffing Consultants, we can provide your medical staffing agency with actionable insights about how to increase profits and reach new markets. Contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of this expanding market.


  • You will be trained to recruit and place healthcare professionals on a perm permanent placement (direct hire), per diem (temporary contract placement) and travel basis.
  • You will be able to offer jobs to over 225 varieties of healthcare professionals; from nurse practitioners to pharmacists; physician assistants to therapists; as well as administrative professionals. Most staffing agencies stick to one profession that limit their revenue stream.
  • You will be able to accommodate a wide variety of healthcare facility settings including: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools, sub-acute centers, physician offices, clinics, home care agencies, city/state/federal contracts, and many others.
  • You can service not only your local area, but anywhere across the US, all from one office.

Medical Staffing Consultants understands that starting your own medical staffing company is a huge step to take. All MSC programs include an in-depth 3 phase process.

Our 3-Phase Program Includes:

Medical Staffing Consultants FranchiseThe process covers everything from creating your company brand to consultation services after intensive training on all areas of medical staffing. Our highly skilled team of Project Managers and Senior Consultants will be with you every step of the way as you embark on your journey into launching and growing your own medical staffing company.


Utilizing MSC’s various vendors, your assigned Project Manager will assist you with everything necessary to successful launch your business.

You will have everything completed from choosing a business name, creating a company brand and logo, and designing a website.

Additionally, we help with registering your business with your state and local county, establishing a relationship with a software vendor, hiring employees, and all other necessary steps that are required prior to launching your business!


MSC’s training programs vary in length anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Throughout this process, you will learn the ins and outs of the medical staffing business.

Our Senior Consultants assist you in creating a comprehensive business plan.

During this time, we will train you on everything from recruitment and sales, credentialing candidates, putting together client contracts, and all other key areas of the business required to successfully run your name-brand medical staffing agency.

Training and Business Live Launch is provided by seasoned industry professionals at your place of business, allowing you to learn by observation and experience. Trainers will role play, doing real time recruiting and sales. This will help you learn to run the business ensuring that you know how to perform all daily tasks.


By this point you should have confidence in your own ability along with the tools and resources you need to run your business. However, you will still need assistance in some aspects of running the day to day. Our on-going support service program includes continued access to your experienced consultant.

We remain closely involved on a long-term basis. We provide advice, guidance, planning, and new resources to help you expand your business into an even larger enterprise.

90% of our clients have no experience in healthcare or any related business field. Whether you have experience or not, MSC is here to train you on all aspects of the business.

Our ideal candidate is someone who…

  • Is a motivated self-starter.
  • Has (or is willing to hire someone with) good interpersonal skills or has an eye for detail.
  • Is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
  • Is increasingly dissatisfied working for other people.
  • Has initiative and willingness to work hard and succeed.
  • Wants to become their own boss.
  • Wants to help provide others with a great job experience.
  • Wants to provide quality healthcare to patients in need.
  • Wants excellent earning potential.
  • Wants to leave a financial legacy for their families.
  • Wants a secure retirement.

Whether you possess one or all of the above qualities, MSC will teach you how to excel in all areas of the medical staffing industry!

Medical Staffing Consultants is the only company that provides this in-depth, three phase model that prepares you to operate and grow a large profitable medical staffing agency. Give us a call or contact us today to find out more about how this model can help you launch your own successful medical staffing agency!


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